My Furbabies!

I love my dogs! I haven't been blessed with children so I adopted four furry ones!
I know, I know, do they really need their own page? Well yes, I think they do, especially since
I am assuming not everyone wants the main page of the blog to be full of pictures and dog

My oldest boy is Spike, he just turned 11 in March.Spike has some arthritis in his back legs but other than that he is A-Okay and tries his best to keep up with the two youngsters! He loves treats and stuffed toys which he carries just about everywhere, and he HATES the mailman.We named him Spike because when he
was just a puppy he was black and tan his hair stuck up in spikes all over his little head, then one day I dropped him off at the groomers and when my husband went to pick him up he thought he had the wrong dog for a minute, all that black and tan hair was sliver and blond!Oh, he was such a mischievous little guy too! He would pull scrunchies right out of your hair, he chewed the phone antenna and pulled the wires out of the stereo speakers!

Roxie is my spoiled little girl, she has her mommy trained! Roxie turned 10 on Christmas Eve and weighs only 7.5 lbs. She is the smallest cutest little girl with an iron will! She runs our house and the other three boys and doesn't hesitate to give them a sound thrashing if she feels it necessary! She loves to snuggle on my lap, sleeps in my bed and is two steps behind me at all times! She is also and escape artist. This dog will NOT be locked up. EVER. Baby gate? No problem, she will chew a hole in the plastic and crawl through. Pet gate? No problem, she will pull it until it comes down. I have never successfully locked her in a room and come home to find her still in that room. Recently little Roxie had some health problems, she was misdiagnosed by a local vet as having a scratch on her cornea. A week later the ulcer behind her eye ruptured and the same vet told us the only thing to do was remove her eye. I took her to Eye Care For Animals in Akron, OH and Dr. Bobofchak operated. They saved her eye, which has limited vision and she is back to chasing birds and running the house! I cannot say enough good things about Eye Care For Animals and Dr. Bobofchak!  

Last and most certainly not least are Chester and Buster! They are three years old and totally Daddys boys! We got them from a lovely couple who bottle fed them when their mother died. We had been planning on only one more dog, we thought it would be nice for the "elders" to have a puppy around, but the couple didn't want to separate the boys and we came home with both of them. Chester is the ringleader and always always always into some short of mischief (he spends alot of time hearing NO! or SPIT IT OUT!) You can find him curled up in a ball underneath the computer desk while my hubby plays WOW. Buster will be sprawled on the couch looking like his bones are broke! Buster likes to chill out and be petted and Chester has to chase every squirrel, bird and blowing leaf out of our yard....every single time he goes out. As different as their personalities are, they are hardly ever apart and they both sit on the chair arm and stare out the window every night waiting for their dad to come home from work. Chester and Roxie both love wearing clothes and get so excited when I get them out...Buster and Spike look at me like I have lost my marbles!