Friday, November 30, 2012

Friends: The Complete Series Giveaway

Just recently we did a giveaway for a Friends prize package with mugs and a picture frame. Well let me tell you readers, ya'll made Warner Bros. so happy with your response that have a limited number of The ENTIRE Series of Friends and they are letting select bloggers give it away! How cool is that?

I never watched Friends until it was on reruns and I would be super excited to take a cold, snowy winter weekend and catch up on the entire series in order! (plus it is a valid excuse to skip housework for a couple days!)

30 Days of Friends: Trivia Challenge! Come back everyday to earn a different Friends character badge, unlock hidden badges, and earn awesome Friends content along the way. 

Mashup Clip Countdown! Relive all your favorite Friends moments in these fun clips.  Each week a new clip will be unlocked. Come back week after week to check them out!

This is a super high value giveaway (RV $279) and a super quick one. Winner will be drawn Dec 5th and must have their info in by Dec 7th by noon. US only, no PO boxes.
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Carmex Lip Conditioner Review

I know I have said it before, but being the lip balm junkie that I am, I have to repeat it: I love Carmex products. I always have some on hand, whether it be my work desk, the end table in the living room, my purse or my nightstand. Especially this time of year when lips tend to dry and crack.

Just in time to grab as a great stocking stuffer, Carmex has released their newest product. Not a lip balm nor a lotion, it is a lip conditioner. So it is like lotion, but for your lips. Neat, huh? Packed with 13 moisturizing ingredients, the new Carmex Lip Conditioner leaves your lips smooth and moisturized.

I was a little worried that it make my lips sticky, like many other products in a squeeze tube, but to my surprise it leaves them smooth and silky feeling. There is a hint of orange flavor and what almost seems like orange cream to me. Plus there is that tell tale tingle that tells you it's Carmex and it's working!

I have to admit I really enjoy the flavor and feel of this awesome product. You can find the Carmex Lip Conditioner at most drugstores and mass merchandisers with a suggested retail price of $1.99.

I received a sample of this product as a member of the Carmex Blog Squad. Regardless, all opinions are 100% mine.


Have you heard about cureLauncher yet? I hadn't until recently and I've been doing some reading about them.

What is cureLauncher?
The cureLauncher platform works to launch cures for diseases, right now, where you live. By using social networking and direct donations, researchers are able to focus on finding cures rather than waiting years for government grants--which are scarce to begin with.  Research, discovery and development of break through drugs can be vastly accelerated by World Class Scientist with even the smallest of donations.

Why? What is the Reason?
In this day and age of social media and being able to find just about anything on the internet people have become leery of donating money. Too often you wonder just where your money is going. Is it actually going to research, going to benefit what you are in fact donating it for? Many times it isn't, or all of it isn't.
With cureLauncher you can donate directly to the cancer research to make sure that it is going to help develop drugs and medical devices for the people that need them.

cureLauncher has independent medical reviewers that provide evaluations of new cancer treatments. Cancer patients can communicate with medical researchers in a confidential setting.

Visit the clinical trials section of the website to find active clinical trials that are looking for patients to enroll.

There is so much to learn at cureLauncher that it is hard to sum up in a brief blog post. I can say that if you or someone you love is or has suffered from cancer, you should definitely visit the website, there is a wealth of information available for you.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dial Holiday Foaming Hand Soap Review

We are all getting into the swing of the holidays at this point, some more than others :) Christmas is my favorite time of year, I love all the decorations, lights and music so when I found out that Dial was releasing a limited edition holiday hand wash I was pretty excited. My favorite hand wash and my favorite holiday all in one (I know, I'm a bit goofy)

The Dial Complete Foaming Hand Soap collection features four fun designs: Saanta, Snowman, Candy Cane and Holiday Scene. The fun designs will brighten up your sink, whether it be kitchen, bathroom or even at work. Don't let the decorative bottles fool you, eaach one contains Dial Complete's #1 doctor recommended antibaterial foaming hand wash formula that kills 99.99% of germs.

I received a Santa and a Candy Cane to try out. Right away I put one in the kitchen and one in my bathroom. The cute designs brighten up the room and add a little festivity. The hand wash is as great as ever, smells good and is gentle on dry winter hands.

I'm going to pick up a couple more so I can have them on each sink and I'll probably be sneaking one into the work washroom (the guys hate it when I do girly stuff!) You can pick up some for yourself at any major retailer that you normally purchase Dial.

Learn more at
Dial on Facebook


Dial provided a free sample of the Holiday Foaming Hand Soap so i could review it. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.

Pine Brothers Review

Pine Brothers has a long and unique history dating back to 1870. I won't give you every little detail, but lets just say they were very popular for a long time. As with everything, things changed, times changed and the economy changed. Pine Bros. was sold and in trying to save money some recipes got changed and products began being made over seas. Sales dropped and for awhile you couldn't find Pine Bros.

Recently they were aquired by 3 Sisters Home Products. Much time and effort was put into locating the original Pine Bros recipes. Packages were redesigned to give them a classic yet new look. Now Pine Bros is once again being produced in the US.

The line of Softish Throat drops has been reintroduced to markets across the US in two delicious flavors: Wild Cherry and Soothing Honey.

You are probably wondering what makes these so special. Well they aren't like regular hard throat drops in that they are "softish".  They have a firm yet "gummy" like texture that is very soothing. Both the Wild Cherry and Honey flavors are all natural and actually very tasty. I know that when my throat is sore, itchy or I have a cough, I tend to cringe at throat lozenges because they usually taste awful or if they do taste good they don't work. These have a great flavor, work well and I enjoy the unique texture.  As an added plus, the red color of the Wild Cherry isn't artificial and in fact comes from Elderberry Concentrate.

These can be purchased nationwide at your local CVS store. I plan on keeping them on hand this winter at all times. The round dispensing tub is perfect for a purse or glovebox too! For even more information you can visit the Pine Bros website.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thunderstruck DVD Giveaway

Warner Bros is announcing the release of Thunderstruck on DVD and Bu-ray on December 4, 2012.
Thunderstruck is a movie featuring Kevin Durant playing himself in an action packed, family film about a basketball star whose talent gets switched with a klutzy 16 year old fan. The klutzy teen fan magically gets Kevins basketball skills and becomes the star of his highschool team while Kevin can't sink a basket to save a life. Life lessons ensue and everyone learns something.

A great movie the whole family could enjoy watching together.

Free Throw Challenge: use the widget above, see how many baskets you can make and unlock special clips
7 Thunder-rific Tips for Kids: Does your child dream of being a professional athlete? Us some of the awesome tips to encourage them

Win it: One reader will win a Thunderstruck DVD Blu-ray Digital Download combo pack.
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I received no compensation for this giveaway. I am presenting it and the information above was provided to me via Warner Bros.

CuddleUppet Review #Holiday

I love winter and snuggling with a soft cozy blanket. Why should the little ones in our lives be any different? I know that I was super excited to get the chance to review a CuddleUppet.  What is a CuddleUppet you ask? Haven't you seen the commercial yet?

"CuddleUppets, the blankets that are puppets. You can play all day and sleep the night away"

CuddleUppets have been recognized by industry experts like Dr. Toy, PTPA Media and Traveling Mom as a Top Travel Toy since they were introduced in 2012. These cute, cuddly blanket toys retail for under $20 and make great holiday gifts for the children in your life.

Majorly adorable, CuddleUppets are available in 8 different animals: Pink Poodle, Blue Elephant, Brown Bear, Green Crocodile, Purple Monkey, Yellow Puppy, Pink Ladybug and Magic Unicorn. You can see by the variety that there is one sure to please just about any child.

We received a Yellow Puppy (you see a puppy theme in my house?) to review. The first thing I noticed when taking Waldo (that's what we are calling him) out of the bag is that it is VERY soft and that was before I even washed him. The plush fleece like material feels so good against your skin, it is perfect for snuggling. After unpacking him I was truly shocked by the size, I guess I thought it would be smaller, but it measures 39" x 28" not including the puppet head.

CuddleUppets are a fun, yet functional toy for children. They can play with the puppet head, snuggle under the comfy blanket or both. I think this would also be fantastic for car trips.

BUY IT: You still have time to purchase a CuddleUppet or three before the holidays. You can find them at, many major retailers and also at Amazon.

Holiday Gift Guide Winners

Morning everyone! I know, I know a little late on the winners for the first round of giveaways. Better a little late than never though.

Thanks so much to all of you who have entered and to the sponsors for making the giveaways possible!

Friends Giveaway: Robin

Magnabilities $50: Crystal

Rocky Mountain Popcorn: Gianna

Phew. I think that is all for today, but there are still quite a few more running and a couple that will be coming up soon!

Emails have been sent, make sure to check spam folders!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

LELO Smart Wand Review and Giveaway #HGG

Lelo Smart Wands are ultra powerful, cordless body massagers that have been designed to closely mimic professional massage techniques. These unique wands are more powerful than any other massager currently on the market and the large sized wand is good for a head to toe relaxing body massage that will leave you feeling like you just left the spa.

Cordless, fully waterproof and built with an innovative sense technology, they are extremely unique as far as personal massagers go. LELO included touch sensors that actually allow the strength of the vibrations to begin building in intensity as soon as the wand tip touches your skin, which allows it to work intuitively with your body and its needs. The LELO smart wand comes with a full 1 year warranty and a 10 year quality on top of everything else.

Let me start off by telling you right up front: this is not a sex toy. This is exactly what it is described as: a unique, quality, all over body massager. Don't confuse the two!

Many of you know that I have disc damage and neck problems. I tend to over compensate for the bone pain which has the result of also leaving me with muscle pain. I've tried various massage type products in the past with less than satisfactory results. When I read about LELO Smart Wands and their sense technology I was intrigued, but not too hopeful.

Beautifully packaged and shipped in a ready to gift box, that could also be used for storage, I was impressed as soon as I opened it. The large white LELO smart wand comes with an instruction manual, a soft foam type black storage/travel case and a bottle of alcohol free PH balanced cleaning spray.

The exterior of the wand is almost soft to the touch with a smooth, seamless silicone covering, except for silver metal area on the handle. Unlike some other massagers there are no rotating parts, screws or cracks to catch and pull on your hair or clothing-- that is a huge deal for long haired women trying to ease neck pain!

I liked the idea that it was cordless, since I have enough things plugged in as it is and don't really relish the idea of being tied to a wall outlet when trying to relax, but wasn't sure how much power it would have. I followed the instructions (that's a first!), plugged it in in an out of the was spot in the bedroom and allowed it charge for two hours before my initial usage. While plugged in the smart wands control buttons will blink, once it is fully charged it will glow solid. If your charge runs low the LED will emit a blinking white light.

I brought it into the living room to try out while watching TV. The portability is a huge plus in my opinion, allowing me to massage and relax wherever I feel like it. I turned it on and was very suprised just how much strength smart wand has.There are 8 different massage patterns and you can adjust the intensity of each one, as well as turn on or off the sense touch. However with the sense touch on, you are mimicing an actual massage and instead of going full tilt right off the bad, the strength increases gradually.

A great tip is to begin on a lower sense touch setting and every 3 or so minutes, gradually increase the strength of the vibrations. This will help to stimulate deeper into the tissue and muscle. I actually enjoy a deep strong massage and the LELO Smart Wand delivers. I have been using it for several weeks now and it has really helped me with my neck tension. I work all day on the computer at my job and then come home and blog--there are times when I feel like I can't turn my head and the smart wand has made a huge difference.

I've been focusing on my neck, because I have so much pain there, but you can use the LELO smart wand on any part of the body you can reach. If you wear high heels and have foot pain, this is an amazing foot and leg massage. Lower back pain can also be massaged easily, the design and length of the smart wand make it a cinch.

Another amazing benefit is being able to use the LELO Smart Wand in the shower. How many times have you had a Doctor recommend massage and/or wet heat? You cn safely and securely take your Smart Wand in the shower with you and benefit from a relaxing hot shower and massge at the same time.

I'm willing to give LELO Smart Wand 5 stars and threaten anyone in the house who touches it. This item would be a great purchase for yourself or a fantastic holiday gift. The warranty gives you peace of mind that your investment is protected.

BUY IT: You can purchase a LELO Smart Wand online HERE. Prices vary. Mediums begin at $129 up to the large Ivory I recieved which is $189.

WIN IT: The amazing LELO has offered to give one of my readers their very own Smart Wand. Must be 18+ to enter. Giveaway open Worldwide. Enter below on the rafflecopter form.

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Cygnett iPhone & iPad Cases Review and Giveaway

Let's face it folks, we all know an iPhone/iPad obsessed person-- might actually be one ourselves. I freely admit that I can't function without my iPhone and my iPad is my baby. I also admit that I'm a butter fingers, if you can drop something, I have done it at least several times. So when it comes to protecting my expensive electronics, I don't want to go with just any old case.

That's how I came across Cygnett. I was researching quality cases that are a reasonable price and they fit the bill. Cygnett designs and develops cases for the worlds most popular electronics. Not just "i" products-that just happens to be my personal fetish! Cases and accessories for iPods, iPhones, iPads, smartphones, tablets, portable speakers and more. Cygnett combines eye catching style with protection and functionality.

They have a variety of iPad cases to choose from depending on your style and needs. You could go with a super tough workmate case, a connect case with a keyboard and several more. Prices range from a $19.99 to $149.99 (for the bells and whistles bluetooth keyboard case).

 I didn't get to pick which cases I received, but they are so perfectly me it's like the PR rep actually knows me. I received the Glam Red Case ($59.99) and the Pink Alumni Case ($29.99). The Glam Red makes my girly heart go pitter patter. It is a high gloss, fire engine red with a magnetic closure that automatically operates the sleep/wake function and multi position flexi stand view. This case is so me, my dream come true. I love the bright, glossy red and the smooth cool feel of the exterior. The flexi stand is a highly functional addition that I get a ton of use from. I like that I can prop the tablet up on my lap without having to hold it, freeing myself to have use of both hands. It's convenient that I can adjust the angle also.

The Pink Alumni case is handy for on the go. It's canvas exterior is sturdy enough that I don't worry about scratches or tears, yet it's still pretty and its' slimmer design means it fits in a purse or tote with ease. It has a handy inner pocket that you can slide a couple papers or even credit cards. Both cases are compatible with iPad models 2, 3 and the New iPad.

Looking for an iPhone case for your iPhone 5? Cygnett also has a large variety of cases in reasonable prices.

The AeroGrip Form is  high gloss ergonomic case in one piece that snaps on your phone. It comes in a variety of colors (I received the pink, which perfectly matches my iPad case) and is pocket friendly. At a very reasonable $18.99 you could pick up a couple.

The UrbanShield Aluminum case is a unique design that features dual materials. The outer edge is an easy to grip material that gives you access to all your buttons and ports while the back of the case is a smooth, shiny, brushed aluminum. $24.99

The Polygon Ultra-Slim prism case is truly unique. Its' ultra slim design makes it perfect for sliding into your skinny jean pockets while the sleek triangular prism design catches the eye and also provides grip. Snaps on and allows access to all ports. The clear material allows you to showcase your phone or even a static cling.  $18.99

The WorkMate Shock-absorbing case is perfect for those who need some extra protection. It combines a heavy duty, impact resistant shell with a shock absorbing inner liner. While it is a case designed with protection in mind, it is still pocket friendly and the dual material outer shell lends a touch of style. If you are the type that tends to drop your phone frequently this is what you need. $24.99

The above items are just the tip of the iceberg on what Cygnett has to offer. You can find reasonably priced holiday gifts for all of the technology junkies in you life shopping with with Cygnett.

Connect Socially:
Cygnett on Twitter
Cygnett on Facebook
Cygentt on YouTube

Giveaway: I'm going to share the goodies here and give away three of the iPhone 5 cases I reviewed. All you need to do to enter is visit Cygnett and tell me something else you would love to have from them, leave me a comment below. Must be 18+ to enter and have a US or CA mailing address.


Cal Exotics Review & Giveaway #HGG

I know my readers eagerly await for my monthly sexpert opinion, most likely counting down the days (oh just humor me). This month I'm talking about Bunny Dreams, cuz bunnies are so soft and nice to dream about. Just kidding, sort of, bunnies are nice to dream about (unless they are vampire bunnies) but I'm actually talking the grown up Bunny Dreams toy.

Bunny Dreams is a soft, pliable, waterproof, 3-speed bunny that has an intimate "G" and triple stimulation. Intrigued? You bet your bunny slippers that I was eager to give it a whirl.
Bunny Dreams MSRP $19.99
This cute little guy fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, but don't underestimate its' size. Those bunny ears certainly do the job, not to mention the "G" angle. The bullet inside is completely removable (call me crazy but why would you take it out?), and only takes on AAA battery. Another thing that makes it great is the waterproof factor, who doesn't love a compact shower/bath to that packs a whollop?  Sized perfectly for a beginners or experienced users, you definitely won't regret adding this to your collection.

Even more fun, I have a giveaway for you. I'm sure there are some of you thinking "Uh Carrie, sex toys? For Christmas?" Well Cal Exotics doesn't jut have vibrators! That have some great items that you could safely gift your significant other even if there are kiddos opening gifts from Santa.

The  products from the Tantric line are the perfect example. They have a variety of decadent smelling, pheromone massage oils and candles that are divine. Black bottles and tins with white design and red writing, nothing about these scream naughty list--even though that's where you wil be after the kids are asleep dreaming of sugar plums.  Naturally the are made in the USA and there is NO animal testing. The massage oils are infused with pheromones, vitamins A, C & E and can be used in a sensual massage or to moisturize your skin in the bath.  The candles have a burn time of approximately 40 hours, but you can also use them as a sensual massage. Once the wax is melted (it heats to body temperature), simply pour some in your hands and massage your partner--they'll thank you for it, trust me.

Cal Exotics provided me with a Tantric White Lavender Massage Oil and a White Lavender Massage candle to gift to one of my readers. US & CA only, must be at least 18 to enter. Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter

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Friday, November 23, 2012

The Hartford Auto Insurance

Now don't laugh at me, but I'm thinking that many people have the idea that AARP is for "old" folks. You do have to be at least 50 to join, but the older I get, the younger that seems. It also just so happens that if your spouse turns fifty before you, then they can join and even though you aren't yet fifty you can be added free of charge and receive all the same benefits.

My hubby is a wee bit older than me and I signed him up the day he turned fifty. Since I'm in my thirties it is always funny when I pull out my card and whoever I'm handing it just looks at me like, huh?

One of the many benefits available once you become an aarp member is auto insurance through The Hartford Company. Since it is the law that if you drive you have to have auto insurance, it's not as if it is a luxury item that you can just get rid of.  Car insurance rates and plans can vary greatly from company and it really is beneficial to do a little research before committing to a company.

Auto insurance policy holders that sign up with The Hartford Company through their aarp membership often save an average of $375 per year. Some other benefits of going with this company include Lifetime Renewability, First Accident forgiveness and new car replacement to name a few.

Of course your policy can be tailored to meet your needs by adjusting deductibles and adding what extras you like in the Full Coverage policy.
Included are (can vary by state):
Bodily Injury Protection
Property Damage Liability
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury
Uninsured Motorist Property Damage
Underinsured Motorists
Personal Injury Protection (no-fault insurance)
Medical Payments
Full Glass
Towing and Labor
Rental Reimbursement

A couple additional ways to save:
Insure multiple cars.
Insure your home with the same company
Be a defensive driver, complete a defensive driving certification course
Consider an anti theft device
Drive a car with air bags.
Have younger drivers (21 and under) complete a driving certification course

Definitely something worth looking into, don't you think?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nutrisystem Week 19 #NSNation

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I'm late this week in posting my Nutrisystem post but it has been a crazy week. With the unseasonably warm weather, work has been  crazy, add cleaning the house and getting ready to host Thanksgiving on top of that and let's just say I've been pooped.

I probably should not admit that I am writing this post in a turkey coma, but there you have it. Between the cleaning leading up to Turkey day, cooking the darn Turkey and then eating the Turkey, I'm slightly loopy. I will say I did pretty good-- I ate more than I should have but I knew I would. Home cooked meals with family don't happen often enough.

The god news is I didn't pick and taste taste everything. I also really don't think much of what I cook for Thanksgiving is all that bad (if you just pretend the gravy doesn't exist!) Turkey (I only eat white meat, which is less fatty than dark anyways). Stuffing, I used whole grain breads, celery, onions and chicken broth so that isn't bad. Mashed potatoes-- not the healthiest but don't tell anyone if my family I used skim milk to make them! Sweet potatoes-- don't drench yours with butter and it's okay. Last, green bean casserole with low fat cream of mushroom. Over all I feel like it really wasn't a "bad" meal.

My weight has  been bouncing between 167 and 169, so I'm still losing and super happy about it. I feel good and think I look great. I love the compliments I get from people who don't see me everyday. Except for my new allergy doctor who was kind enough to tell me I'm fat, need to lose weight and if I'd exercise I would have disc problems. He also suggested I shoot my dogs, so I'm not really taking what he says to heart. I will also probably be looking for a newer allergy Dr.

I realize I'm rambling, so now would probably be a good time to stop typing!

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 
 888-853-4689 or by visiting

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing their food and program to me free of charge in exchange for blogging about my experience as part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. The opinions are my own and others experiences with Nutrisystem may vary

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday factoids

Just a couple of interesting Black Friday facts I wanted to share with my readers. For more info you can click the link to head to the actual website.

womenspersonalfinance net black friday infographic v2 Womens
Black Friday Infographic



Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NYM Brands Review & Giveaway

Have you heard of NYM brands or Not Your Mother's hair products? These are brand new for me. I recently received a small sample of NYM Kinky hair cream as part of another program and fell in love with it so much that I researched them on the internet to find out what else they made and where I could purchase the products. Since they have a fabulous PR rep she agreed to work with me and let me do a review and giveaway of several other of their items and I eagerly awaited them to arrive!

NYM products are salon quality but at a value pricing that the average consumer can easily afford. NYM products are gluten free and all except for the Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream contain no animal ingredients or byproducts. (The Smooth Moves contains silk extracts which are a natural byproduct of silk worms). They are also all proudly made in the USA.

I received three products for review;  Way To Grow Long & Strong Shampoo, Way To Grow Long & Strong Conditioner and All Eyes On Me Shape & Shine Hairspray.

Way To Grow Long & Strong Strengthening Shampoo: Heads up, this shampoo is for existing hair--if you don't have any, it isn't going to make it magically appear! Made with essential vitamins, herbs and bio active extracts, it helps to strengthen your hair with use--which in turn leads to less breakage and longer locks. It is sulfate free and safe for all hair types as well as chemically treated hair. (MSRP $6)

Way To Grow Long & Strong Strenghtening Conditionor: Again, sulfate free & safe on all hair types. Made with essential vitamins, herbs and bio active extracts. Conditions, detangles and strengthens hair. It won't grow hair if you don't have it! (MSRP $6)

All Eyes On Me Shape & Shine Hairspray: This is a fast drying, extra firm hold aerosol hairspray. It is infused with orange flower and lemongrass (the lemongrass adds shine). Shake before using. (MSRP $6)

So what do I think?
Fabulous! In my honest opinion you can always tell the difference between a high quality/ salon quality product right off the bat. High quality products feel different as soon as you pour some into your hand. They are thicker and richer and usually even smell better. You only need about a quarter size dollop of shampoo even for long hair and you will have a rich dense lather that rinses away without leaving your hair feeling sticky or dull. I tend too use a bit more of the conditioner because my curls tangle so easy, but again you can tell it is quality because it is thick and rich-instead of running out off you palm.Both the shampoo and conditioner have a vaguely fruity smell--maybe strawberries-- I can't pin it down but I like it!  I haven't been using the product long enough to say if my hair is breaking less, but I can say that it feels cleaner, looks shinier and I will be purchasing more.
The hairspray is one that you want to pick up if you are the type of person that wants all day 100% total control. This would be fabulous for people with shorter hair that enjoy styling a certain way. Your hair will stay exactly how you want it and have a little extra shine.

Buy It:  You can purchase NYM products in select retailers like CVS, Walmart, Ulta and (just to name a few). Use the NYM finder to locate a store near you.

Win It: One reader is going to win the exact same products I received. A full size Way To Grow Shampoo, Conditioner and an All Eyes On Me Hairspray. Must have a US mailing address and be at least 18 to enter. Rafflecopter form below

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Playstation 3 Uncharted Bundle Giveaway

PlayStation 3 Uncharted 3: Bundle
The event dates: 11/20 - 12/10
Open to World Wide: If the winner is outside the USA they will receive the cash equivalent via Paypal or Amazon NO EXCEPTIONS!
I hate to admit it, but I would love to have a Playstation 3 bundle! I remember playing on Atari, then later Nintendo when I was a kid. I know that they come so far. I'm probably too "old" to want to play but I really do! This amazing bundle would make any childs Holiday this year and I know that there are even family games that the whole family can play together!

The PlayStation 3 320 GB Uncharted 3; Drake's Deception bundle provides the action and adventure, as well as the unique blend of entertainment, excitement and fun that PlayStation 3 is famous for. The bundle consists of a PS3 loaded with a huge 320 GB hard drive, a matching DualShock 3 controller and a copy of Uncharted 3; Drake's Deception, a PlayStation Plus 30-day voucher and standard cables required to get playing (HDMI cable not included). Couple all this with the advanced audio-video features of the PlayStation 3, which includes access to Netflix,¹ Hulu Plus, CinemaNow, MLB.TV, NHL GameCenter, as well as a 3D gaming option,² and you have the perfect means to enjoy the world of modern digital entertainment.

Happy Holidays! One lucky winner will win PlayStation 3 Uncharted 3: Bundle. For your chance to win simple enter via the Rafflecopter Below. GOOD LUCK!

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Free Checking MA

A couple of years ago, the bank that I had used for decades was bought out by another bank. The service really went downhill, so I started looking for another bank. One of my co-workers suggested that I research credit unions instead of banks.

 I had never used a credit union before, but I took his advice. I found the website for Workers' Credit Union by searching for "free checking MA" on the Internet. I was pleased to find out that there were several branches in my county, so I started researching further at I immediately found a lot of differences that set Workers' Credit Union apart from my old bank.

I had a lot of questions, and I was able to speak to a real person immediately when I contacted my local WCU branch. The associate was pleasant and helpful, and I felt like Workers' Credit Union really wanted to help meet my financial needs. I started by opening up a free checking account. The process was quick and simple, and I loved there were no fees associated with maintaining my account. I was so happy with the free checking at Workers' Credit Union that I eventually moved all of my accounts to this business. Workers' Credit Union has a small, personal feel, but the credit union is big enough to provide for all of my financial needs. Whether I have questions about retirement planning, a home equity line of credit or a car loan, I have always been able to receive professional guidance quick!


*this is a guest post. I personally do not live in MA any longer and do not have access to their banking systems

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Childs Dream Christmas Giveaway Open WW

 Hi readers! I'm excited to be co-hosting another fabulous giveaway event: Childs Dream Christmas! Remember when your dream Christmas was a new bike or some cassette tapes? Yeah, things are a little more advanced these days and it can be a bit crazy, not to mention expensive! One reader is going to win all three of the above pictured items!! (I know the title is a Childs Dream Christmas, but it hits pretty darn close to my dream Christmas!!)

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dearfoams Review & Holiday Giveaway

Dearfoams has been in the slipper business for a long time. Way back in 1947, they ppioneered foam-cushioned slippers that delivered the ultimate in comfort. It has now been more than 60 years and more than a billion pairs of slippers and Dearfoams is still going strong. A billion, that is a whole lot of slippers people!

Dearfoams slippers contain a multi-density cushioning system to provide the optimal level of comfort, are machine washable and have indoor/outdroor soles. Dearfoams also offers a Comfort Guarantee: "We know comfort. We live it, we love it and we guarantee it. If you're not 100% comfortable with your Dearfoams, let us know."

I have been lucky enough to work with Dearfoams several times in the past and I can personally vouch for the comfort and quality of their slippers. As a matter of fact, last year for Christmas I purchases several pairs of slippers and "snooki" style boots for my family members, which they loved. 

Dearfoams has a ton of styles, color options and designs to chose from:

fuzzy plushy bootie $28

Leopard print clog $26

Knowing that I am always on the warm side and tend to kick off my slippers if I am watching tv or working on the computer, I went with something a little less "fuzzy", the sweater knit clog in grape juice:

The top is an oversized popcorn knit with  a large button for decoration and the cuff is a small gauge knit. The inner lining is made from soft microfiber terry. These slippers are just perfect for me, super soft and cozy without being too warm to the point where my feet are roasting. I can kick them off when I'm cuddled on the couch with the dogs and slide them right back on when I get up. They offer just enough support and cushioning to be comfortable without feeling like your are clonking around the house in outdoor shoes. Bonus is if that they get a bit dirty, you can toss them right in the washing machine..

Dearfoams gets 5 stars from for comfort, quality and design. The holidays are right around the corner and a cozy pair of slippers would be great for anyone on your list, from moms, sister and teens to dads and grandpas. Available in most large retail stores or you can order online at Sign up for their email list and receive 10% off your first order.

Win It: Dearfoams has offered to give two of my readers a pair of slippers--winners choice!!! Please us the rafflecopter form below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway