Monday, July 30, 2012

BaByliss Pro Nano 1"Titanium Curling Iron Review

Beauty Stop Online is your one stop shop for all of your beauty needs. They have a range of high quality products and tool that will meet anyones wants or needs including a great selection of ethnic products.

I was sent a BaByliss Pro Nano 1" Titanium Curling Iron so I could try it out and tell you all about it. Now, I know you are thinking "but Carrie, you are always talking about how you have crazy curly hair already, what are you going to do with a curling iron?"  News Flash, us curly haired gals can still use curling irons, I even have used hot rollers a time or two.

Normally my curls are super tight and spring like. Sometimes I like a loose barrel shaped curl with lots of bounce, or if I straighten my hair I may want to curl the ends under. The BaByliss Pro Nano heats up fairly quickly, with temps up to 450F and if I'm in a big hurry for a touch up, I can use the turbo boost button for an instant surge of heat. The smooth nano titanium does not catch or pull at my hair or cause extra breakage. I like the 1" barrel which I can use to make a bunch of medium sized, smooth bouncy curls in my hair. I especially like to us it for classier hairstyles, like an up-do with some well placed ringlets hanging down.

Technical Details:
Designed with an advanced technology that utilizes Nano Titanium which is 40% stronger and 20% smoother than "regular" curling irons. It conducts heat more efficiently and is able to maintain it's temperature even when at it's highest settings. With the far infra red technology, the BaByliss is able to penetrate the hair from with in, giving you professional results without thermal damage

So in summary:
  • Nano titanium & Ceramic Technology
  • 50 variable heat settings
  • Temps up to 450F
  • Turbo heat but for an instant boost
  • 8 foot long swivel cord for convenience
Buy it: You can purchase the BaByliss 1" or one of her sister sizes online at BeautyStopOnline. Normal retail is $62.99, their price is $46.99 (a $15 savings) plus free shipping on orders over $50.

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Nutrisystem Week #3 #NSNation

Hey everyone! Just finished up week #3 on Nutrisystem. This week is just going to be a quick post. I left work early with horrible neck pain (I have damaged discs) which managed to morph into a migraine. I'm typing now but heavily medicated so please be considerate of my blathering!

Choices and Motivation

It is the start of week 4 on the Nutrisystem Plan and I'm still following it. That has to be a good thing in itself, right? The great thing about seeing progress and getting results is that it provides motivation. Where there is motivation it is SO much easier to make better decisions. You hear often "its the little things that count" and while that can be applied to so many different areas of life it it most certainly applies to a health and weight loss journey.

I'm finding that making the decision to turn down a box of chocolate covered fruit (thanks Ducky) even though it was a hard "no thank you", I feel good about my choice and know I am still on target. It isn't always easy like when my husband is in the kitchen using home made bread to make a mega sub sandwich that he ends up scarfing down while sitting on the couch next to me (I had visions of microwaving his head) Nutrisystem does offer choices for those of us with a goal that will satisfy.

It also makes me so much more aware of the choices I was making prior to starting this plan and how those choices really sabotaged my end goal.

This last week was tough, my mother has health issues and when my father is on afternoon shift I go straight to her house after work to take care of her dogs, get her dinner and make sure she has what she needs. A couple of nights I was just too tired to do a separate Nutrisystem meal for myself (7am to 8pm on the run will do that to ya) so I ate the same thing I made for her. I found it much easier to make a healthy decision and stick with small portion sizes than I ever have in the past. Instead of a second helping of something I thought about my goal to be in the 170's by vacation and it was all the motivation I needed.

I'm now down a total of 8.6 pounds, I have the inches written down and swear I will do the math by next week!

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4869 or by visiting

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing me with their program free of charge for participating in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program. All opinions are that of my own. No other monetary compensation will take place.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

BFFs, Gina, Vagina and Tears

Really strange title I know, but it's a crazy post. I have never been one to have tons of superficial girlfriends. I'm happy having a very few, very close friends that I would do anything for. I thank my lucky stars everyday that I started this blog because through it I have met and become, for lack of a a better term, BFF's with a select few. Girls I talk to everyday and feel lost if I don't hear from. Heart sisters that often make me cry with laughter, sometimes on purpose and sometimes unintentionally.

Today was one of those convos that was totally unintentional and had me crying with laughter:

I could have been slap happy at work, but my assistant thought I had lost my marbles I was laughing so hard.

Thanks Boobies and Ducky for being in my life!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Swagbucks Goes Mobile UPDATED

Just wanted to take a minute to update you on the latest and greatest from Swagbucks. I know many of my readers already belong, but maybe you have lagged a bit or maybe I might just be privy to some hot info that you really will want to know!

If you are new to Swagbucks, I'll give you a brief rundown. This is hands down the easiest and most rewarding points to prize/giftcard program I have ever belonged to (and I have joined alot!)

 The easiest way to earn points is to install the Swagbucks search bar in your toolbar, you already have a toolbar and are just adding a box. Every day when you are on the internet you use this box, even if it's just to go to sites you already know the address too. Searches equal points (not every search but randomly). I have earned anywhere from 7 to 100 swagbucks for a search. You can also do surveys, take daily polls, scavenger hunts, print coupons or even shop through the site to earn more points. They add up very quickly, just doing searches alone.

In the year and a half I've been using Swagbucks, I've redeemed my points for $130 worth of Amazon cards (I like to use them for ebooks). A $5 card is 450 Swagbucks.  I think that's  pretty sweet deal for doing something I already do-- searching the web.

You can also earn points for people you refer. You earn matching Swagbucks for each referral (up to 1000 per person!).

Now for the news I have been waiting for, Swagbucks is going mobile. Starting on July 25th at noon, Swagbucks mobile will be live for iPhone and Android users. Video below is a brief tutorial

If you have not yet signed up for Swagbucks, now is the time. From July 25th thru Monday Friday August 3,  you will earn 90 swagbucks to get you started. Just click HERE and enter code  SBISONTHEGO during sign up and you are set!


Happy Anniversary--Maybe

Fourteen years ago my not yet hubs and I were off for three days before starting our new jobs. He very romantically suggested that we could get married. Ya know, since we had days off. Sounded like a plan too me so we headed up to Niagra Falls and had a blast. 24 hours later I found myself hammered a wee bit tipsy and standing before a justice of the peace. I'm pretty sure I said "I do" some point.We proceeded to get absolutely shitfaced have a couple more drinks and at some point were throwing pennies out our 14th floor window at a busload of Asian tourists. Errrm, I mean had a romantic night together?

It hasn't always been easy, but we've been together ever since and today my husband lovingly sent me a text while I was at work (most likely extremely proud that he remembered without me telling him)

 *sigh* I at least give him points for getting the month right.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Gross Abuse of Company Time

I know you all sit around and wonder "what does she do all day at her 'real' job" so I thought I would give you an example. (it really doesn't matter if you care or not, I'm still writing about it)

Here is something that went down the other morning.
I needed to call the hospital and make payment arrangements for the hubs emergency that is costing me an arm and a leg which could have been avoided if the shithead would learn to chew his food, but really that's a whole 'nother story.

Call hospital, sit on hold for ten minutes until I finally glance at the paper and realize, shit, they won't talk to me because I'm not the actual patient (it says so in some legal language)

Sigh and hang up. Knowing that the hubs and I are never in the same place together while the billing office is open.

drum fingers on desk for awhile. roll eyes when someone asks me a question. get a drink. pretend to do my job while bitching under my breath for ten minutes.

Light bulb goes off as I see the owners son in law, vice president of the company, my boss, walk past my office.

Me: Hey Jdog (that's his code name, mkay?) can you come here, I need your help.

Him: Something wrong?

Me: Gonna need you to sit down. Here is an address, social security number and birthdate. I'm gonna call the billing department at the hospital and I need you to pretend to be my husband and give them permission to talk to me. Ready?


Me: hello? are you paying attention to me?

Him: You realize this is a gross abuse of company time? And illegal?

Me: I'll work through my lunch break

Him: You don't GET a lunch break

I roll my eyes and hand him the phone. He answers questions, says here honey and hands phone back.
I'm not exactly sure why the keep paying me either but I keep showing up everyday.


Nutrisystem Nation Week 2 #NSNation

Sunday was the official end of week 2 on Nutrisystem for me and I have to say that I'm sort of getting in a groove with it. Packing my lunches every night and grabbing my breakfast to take to work along with my protein drink has become normal. I'm falling into good habits and I'm proud of that fact.

It helps that I can honestly say that for the most part I am really enjoying the foods. For breakfast I get items that are easy to eat at work, plus they fill me up. I can toast a bagel and eat it with my fat free cream cheese while sitting at my desk or I can nuke an omelet (the ham and cheese ones rock!) and bring that back to my desk. I don't feel deprived and the foods are all items I enjoy plus they fill me up. I also get to sip on my protein drink and baby those are good! I mix them in my shaker cup with some pre-crushed ice I keep in the fridge (don't need to wake the whole house at the crack of dawn by turning on the blender). I had thought they would be powdery or gritty but not at all. My favorite would definitely be the coffee flavor, it's like drinking an expensive ice coffee!

Lunch is normally a salad and whichever lunch entree I bring with me. Again, super easy since some are microwave pocket type sandwiches, fajita or tacos. Others are microwave cups of soups, pastas or mashed potatoes. I haven't found one yet that I dislike.

My body is also becoming used to the smaller (the correct) portion size and I no longer feel hungry all the time. If I am it's usually around one of my 3 daily snack times. Seriously, sometimes it seems like I'm always eating!

Dinners are a bit more of a challenge for me, I've hit a couple that I just don't like. No fault of Nutrisystem, just not my cup of tea--everyone has some different tastes. Veggies are a big part of the plan and I'm working on acquiring a taste for some new ones. Go Figure, all the ones I really like are actually carbs or starch so I'm kind of getting sick of green beans and carrots!

I've been recording my inches and weekly weights. Right now I am not feeling the urge to figure out inch lost but I will say that I lost another 2.6 pounds this week for a total of 6.6 pounds in two weeks. Naturally I'd like to go to bed and wake up thin but since I occasionally need to be realistic, I am very happy with how I'm doing!

However, since I have the attention span of gnat I need to set some short term rewards for mini goals or I'll start to get discouraged/bored/lazy.  I'm taking suggestions. What are good ten and twenty pound rewards? New tattoo? New shoes? New purse? New car? (okay so that last one is reaching a little) Let me know what you think!

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4869 or by visiting

Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing me with their program free of charge for participating in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program. All opinions are that of my own. No other monetary compensation will take place.

BackUpSoles Review & Giveaway

You did it, you finally bought those super sexy, mile high shoes you have been drooling over.  The first night you wore them out you realize that maybe, just maybe it wasn't your best purchase since your tootsies are now screaming in agony. Not one to want to cut short a well deserved night on the town, you are prepared. You grab your BackUpSoles out of your bag, make the switch and can finally enjoy yourself again.   WAIT what? You don't have BackUpSoles? Ugh!

BackUpSoles are the answer to the prayers of brides, business women and new shoe owners all over the world. I wish something like these would have been around years ago, when I was in college with friends getting married, bachelorette parties to go to and clubs to dance at! They are super cute, roll up shoes that fit right in your purse. Each pair of BackUpSoles comes with its' own carry bag and a convenient carry bag for your shoes.

I received two pairs for review, a pretty black pair that will work with just about any outfit and a shiny red pair that is super cute! I actually keep my black pair in its' bag inside my desk drawer at work. There are days when my feet kill me and I pull them out and slip into them giving my poor tootsies a much deserved break. It's made a huge difference in how tired and sore my feet are at the end of the day, since I have been giving them a break during the day. My red pair I wear around the house, they aren't as hot as slippers plus the skid resistant sole keeps me from breaking me neck. Also, they're shiny red--so fun!

BUY IT: Normally shoes like these retail for around $30 but at BackUpSoles they are a mere $9.99 a pair--an amazing deal. However you can score an even better deal by purchasing the 4 pack (which you totally get to customize) for $35.96! You can even purchase bulk, any order over 20 pairs qualifies!

*Order online and receive an additional 10% by entering the code RAMBLES at checkout!Shop now at!!!

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The Ties That Bind with Cal Exotics

*Adult post head. Fair warning!

Well, it's time for another Cal Exotic adult toy review and since a certain novel seems to making the rounds and ladies all over are going crazy over a certain Christian guy, it seems only fitting that this months review fit that theme. That's right gals (or guys, whatev! I am not here to judge) I am reviewing the Tantric Binding Love Universal  Cuffs.

What's In Your Hot Dog? Applegate Review

Seeing as how today is National Hot Dog Day, I felt today would be a great day to ask you if you know what's in your hot dog? Seriously, do you have any idea what is in the hot dog your kids love to chomp down on? Okay, so it's probably not lips and assholes like someone told me when I was a kid, but I honestly am scared to read to close--I might never eat another one. I do know that most hot dogs have "industrial" ingredients like sodium diacete, nitrates and *gag* random animal parts.

Applegate is the leading producer of all natural and organic hot dogs. Their Super Natural Hot Dogs
are made with just beef, water, sea salt and spices, contain half the calories and fat of most conventional hot dogs and have less sodium. 

I received a care package full of hot dogs from Applegate so that we could try them out. I decided to put them to the ultimate test, since my husband wasn't home when the package came I didn't tell him anything about them. Lo and behold a couple days later he told me "these hot dogs are really good, you need to pick up some more of them". I asked him what was so good about them and he told me that they tasted really fresh. I tried them myself, burning the heck out of one on the grill -- cuz burnt hot dogs rock!-- and I loved it, plus I loved not having to wonder if I was eating a "random body part"

Take a minute and watch this funny video:

Buy it: Check your local Krogers for Applegate products or order online


Friday, July 20, 2012

Carmex Pomagranate Review + Beachbag & Carmex Giveaway

You all know I'm a member of the Carmex Blog Squad right? I mean not that long ago I posted about the awesome 75 Year Celebration and I know you all ran right over and liked them on Facebook to get in on the action.

I'm a self admitted Carmex addict, as a matter of fact the click stick I have sitting next to me had just run out when the UPS man knocked on my door. I hadn't known I was getting a package from Carmex so I was super surprised and very happy to find a handy summer beach bag and six sticks of Carmex inside.

What's a beach bag have to do with Carmex lip balms you are most likely wondering. Well that's easy, we all know the importance of putting on sunscreen before a day out in the sun (especially with this crazy heat wave we have been having) but too often we neglect protecting our lips! They can suffer just as much in the summer as the rest of your skin, becoming dry and cracked--plus too much sun isn't healthy!

That is the great thing about the six sticks of Carmex that were included with my beach bag, they all contain an ultra moisturizing formula, SPF 15 water resistant sunscreen and they fit just perfect in the little attached coin purse thingamajig!

Included is the brand new Pomegranate flavor! They say it's "sweet yet tart". I don't really find it to either, more of fresh fruity (but I've been called a fruit before so ya know, that's just me). It still gives that nice little tingle that I love about Carmex, it reminds me that it's working and I haven't just slathered some cheap wax on my lips! I think the pomegranate is going to tie neck and neck with the Lime for my favorite.

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BUY IT: Carmex is sold nationwide at most major retailers and drugstores

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US only, must be 18+ to enter.

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Mally Beauty Products Review

I've mentioned before twenty times once or twice that I adore makeup in all shapes and forms and that I love trying new products. Mally is one of the brands I've never tried, though I have glimpsed a couple minutes here and there on QVC and was definitely intrigued.

Recently I received two items from the Mally beauty line to try out and review. The first thing I noticed was the packaging and while I am well aware that a pretty package does not mean a quality product, my girlish heart still gets a thrill. Packaged in pretty pink boxes, I was shocked to discover a pretty yet thick glass container when I pulled out the Perfect Prep Poreless Primer. The Evercolor Poreless Face Defender also slid  out of it's pink box and was encased in a pink compact with a mirror inside.

The morning after opening the boxes I naturally had to use them (it's amazing I waited that long). The Perfect Prep Poreless Primer is so light and airy, it's almost like it is whipped. Not being a genius in the mornings, I started out with what would be "normal" for other products. Whoa, WAY too much.You really only need the tiniest bit to prime your entire face. While you are applying you will notice how soft and silky it feels. I love the silky smooth palette it makes my skin before I apply my foundation and it helps keep my makeup fresh all day long. This primer also helps to seal in your moisturizer, is so light it doesn't leave your face looking "caked" with make up and gives you a subtle glow. A 1 oz jar runs $35 and is well worth the money. I honestly use so little that it will last me 6 months to a year and this will definitely be a standard in my routine from here on out.

The second item I received is the Evercolor Poreless Face Defender. This product is something entirely new to me. It is a colorless finishing touch to your makeup. A waterclear, featherweight product, you simply use the included sponge and dab onto your face. Since it is colorless it creates a clear coat to seal in your makeup, minimize the look of pores and fine lines. Unlike a powder finish it doesn't leave your skin looking ashy or dusty. It took me a couple tries to get used to it, I kept thinking I should SEE something on the sponge, like when I apply my powder but obviously you don't. In my opinion this is the perfect summer product, since it keeps your makeup looking fresh instead of using powder which can get cakey. I definitely like it around my eyes, nose and lips! This compact will run you $32, but take into account that it lasts much longer than a powder compact.
Mally explains it much better than I do:

I am very impressed with Mally and cannot wait to try more of their products-- especially since I just saw that they have released a new Professional Gel Polish system that literally has me drooling!

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BUY IT: You can purchase Mally products for yourself on the Mally Website and at


UNITE Eurotherapy Salon Product Review

UNITE is a professional salon system with a variety of products that is united against testing on animals. I think anyone who has visited this blog would understand that is a concept I am behind 100%.

I received a bottle each of the 7SECONDS Dry Shampoo and the 7SECONDS leave in detangler. I think the concept behind these two products should be fairly obvious: detangle or shampoo in 7Seconds. Since I'm a girl on the go just about 24/7 I am all about a product that takes 7 seconds to use!

The 7SECONDS Dry shampoo is more of a stand by product for me, rather than something I would use constantly. Sulfate and paraben free lets you know right off the bat that it is not going to harm your luscious locks. The purpose of the 7SECONDS Dry Shampoo is to remove excess oils, increase volume, refreshing your hair without having to jump in the shower. My long curly hair tends to be more on the dry side and rarely gets an oil buildup, nor does it need volume. However in the summer with picnics, family functions and all that fun I occasionally find myself in need of freshening before night activities and don't have time to run home and shower. The dry shampoo does wonders at absorbing sweat and breathing new life into your hair so that you can keep on enjoying your day. I'm definitely packing this when we hit the road on vacation next month.

The 7SECONDS leave in detangler is a superb product. This one I have been using continuously since it came. Again, those long crazy curls can be a pain. Those same summer activities can leave my hair tangled beyond belief. Even conditioning in the shower doesn't always work as well as I'd like and I hate trying to comb through them. I can spray in the 7SECONDS detangler and literally seven seconds later I can run the comb through my hair with ease. Plus I get the added benefit of it continuing to moisturize throughout the day.

UNITE hair products are sold exclusively online through

HairUWear Review

HairUWear happens to be one of the world leaders in the category of alternative hair accessories and wearable hair for both men and women. By utilizing the highest quality human and synthetic hair, sophisticated manufacturing techniques and innovative designs, they are able to position their products at the forefront of the beauty and fashion industry.

They have different collections and items that would appeal to any age group.  I was sent several extensions from the Pop collection (POP--put on pieces). I got 3 very cute Clip In Animal Prints--not made from animal hair, just inspired by them! They are 16 inches long, which you can trim and have a 1 inch weft.

Six Color Choices
I love items like this, that allow me to add a little bit of wild, fun, pizazz without being permanent -- I'd hate to give my boss a coronary by showing up with blue hair. I have tested them, very easy to clip in and very comfortable and light weight. Since where I live we are currently experiencing humidity levels that cause people with naturally curly hair to looks as if they are channeling their inner Carrot Top, well let's just say my flat iron is not up to the task. So I haven't been able to wear them and get a great photo for you, they don't look right on my frizzed out curls and I'll have to wait to mother nature stops torturing me to wear my hair straight again, but I will be rocking them!

She's cute, but obviously not me! credit HairUWear
You can browse the many different collections online at If you would like to pick a couple items up for yourself you can click HERE to find a location near you.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lavanila Review

Have you heard of Lavanila Laboratories, Home of the 100% Healthy Collection? No? Well at Lavanila their mission is to provide beautiful and luxurious products that are 100% good for you. NOTHING that they produce and sell contains any sort of Petrochemicals, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oils, Silicone, Sulfates, Parabens or Synthetic Dyes.

You can find a variety of products such as fragrance oils, face & body, sun protection and even a line for babies! Of course, if you haven't already guessed by the name, the products all have a yummy vanilla scent base. Some are mixed with other natural fragrances making a delicious combination.

I was sent a Healthy Roller Ball Fragrance in the new vanilla summer scent. It comes in a classy, spill proof bottle that will fit easily in your purse, beach bag, carry on or even a pocket. To me this is a definite summer must have. In my opinion the scent is pure beach. Vanilla, coconut, sand and sea salt all come to mind. The more I sniff it or catch a wiff as I am working, I start to think of Pina Coladas. It glides on your pulse points soft and cool and brings a beach breeze wherever you are.

The Healthy Roller Ball Fragrance is a perfect purse accessory and a great way to freshen up on a long car ride, a hot day in the sun sight seeing or to give you a "happy" scent while you are at work dreaming about vacation.

Buy It: You can purchase the Healthy Roller Ball Fragrances (in various scents) online at for $19. If you like to layer scents like I do you can also pick up other products to go with it.


L'Occitane Body Ice Gel Review

L'Occitane is a name I have heard of in the past but not a brand I knew much about and had never tried. When the opportunity to review a product of theirs came I up I did some research to learn a about them.

L'Occitane is brand of high quality beauty products featuring natural ingredients with proven traceability.  The fragrances of their strictly medically supervised products are inspired by the Mediteranean art de vivre.

As a company they encourage their employees to give back and to also follow their dreams. Many employees volunteer in life changing projects the world over. L'Occitane the company also contributes in various ways. In Africa they have spent the last two years teaching women the L'Occitane way of making soap, in New York they work with visually impaired children and have projects in several other countries.

After learning about them I knew that they were a company I could feel good about working with and even purchasing from in the future.

I received and 8.4 fl oz bottle of the Verbena Body Ice Gel to review. I was expecting it to be just another pretty smelling lotion and was quite surprised. It comes out of the bottle as a lotion but then glides into your skin and leaves behind a silky, cool feeling. Even the scent is very refreshing, combining verbena, lemon and mint, it is energizing yet soothing at the same time. With the heat soaring into the 100+ region for the last couple of weeks, I often find myself grabbing the Verbena Body Ice Gel and applying to my arms and chest area for the instant cooling sensation (bonus, I always smell really good!)

Buy It: You can purchase the Verbena Body Ice Gel online at,82,1,29215,283884.htm or you can use their Boutique locator to find a store near you. (Hint, they carry other cooling products like mists and lip gels too!)


Footzyfolds Giveaway

How many of you are getting ready to pack for a summer vacation and agonizing on how the heck you are going to take your cute shoes with you? Or maybe you just got back and have already lived the luggage nightmare. Well I'm hear to talk turkey (errr...feet? shoes?) with you about a way that you can take a dozen pair of cute shoes without your husband or significant other giving you the evil eye when he tries to lift your suit case.

Footzyrolls and Footzyfolds. Yup! These are actual shoes, but they weigh less than 6 oz and they either roll or fold up for easy storage into your luggage, carry on or heck--even the glove box of your car!  They have a ton of designs too. Everything from sneakers to loafers to zebra print, so everyone is sure to find a pair or five that they love. Here, I  will naturally share some of my favorites with you:
Chic in black

LeSport in black and gray

Modern Mod in Pink
Super cute right? They range in price from $22 to $45 and each one comes with a convenient bag so you can roll/fold them up and go!

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BUY IT: You can purchase these hot shoes online at They are also sold in over 3000 stores nationwide like Macys, Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor to mention a few.

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