Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesdays with IA and Shawn!

Alright, I'm behind on posting my normal randomish posts because obviously I've been bustin butt on the Valentines giveaway event that I have been doing with Boobies. I mean have you checked out the 40 bazillion giveaways we have up? Seriously! There is some awesome swag!

Besides doing that in my "real" life the boss took off to Florida for two weeks and I'm picking up his slack--which isn't that much different than normal but he's not annoying me in the process at least. Then we have the neck/back problem, the out-freaking-rageous cost of the epidurals, the hubs breaking a tooth, me falling on my ass in front of 20ish 12 year old cashiers at the grocery store and my normal dumbassedishness (shut UP, it is SO a word.)

So anyramble, been behind on informing you of my idiot maneuvers like storing my shoes in the fridge and such. Since you have obviously been pining away from the deprivation, I share the following:

Sunday afternoon I was sitting at my kitchen table,  the house the husband in the basement playing on the computer, sweet silence permeating (hubs is using headphones on threat of death)my dogs curled up at my feet while I clip coupons and gaze out the window.

Sounds wonderful right? Well bite me, because you don't have my neighbors:

Mange ridden dog that barks for HOURS                               400lb fat many taking a dump, naked.

Top that.
Also, If you are doubting me or are having problems seeing the large man using the toilet, I promise to take night photos. They are so much clearer.

I hate these neighbors. They make the entire neighborhood look like a slum

KissMyShamrock, Funny Irish T-Shirt Review

St. Patricks day will be here soon (geez, who can believe that March is right around the corner?)
If you don't already have any cool funny Irish t-shirts to wear I have a great place for you to pick one (or five) up!
Some of my faves:

Now I know what you are thinking, another cheap ol' t-shirt that you are going to wear once or twice and it's going to all apart in the wash. Not so. KissMyShamrock uses 6.1 oz cotton shirts, unlike the other guy who typically uses shirts like the cheap ones in the three pack you pick up at Walmart.
I received one of these shirts to review. Personally very impressed with it. The quality definitely lives up to their claims, it's very thick and comfy, the color holds up will with washing and the picture doesn't fade either. Here is the hubby reluctantly modeling for me:

BUY IT: Make sure to get yours in time here:
 They have lightening fast shipping and super reasonable prices. Sizes small to 6x in a variety of styles.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Salon Grafix Review

Salon Grafix recently came out with a new hair care line called Healthy Hair Nutrition. The newest product is the Healthy Hair Nutrition Conditioning Cleanser. This revolutionary new product is a lather-free conditioning cleanser that gently cleans your hair without stripping it of the natural oils that it needs to stay healthy, shiny and full of body. It is a single step hair regimen that actually takes the place of five different products: shampoo, daily conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner and detangler.

I was sent a bottle for review and will be the first to admit I was extremely skeptical! I color my hair so have to make sure to condition well to avoid damage. Plus when I shower I actually wash my hair twice, with two different shampoos, then condition and deep condition at least once per week. I really couldn't fathom ONE product doing all of that work, but I gave it a shot.

My hair is long, so I used about 9 pumps of the shampoo to get enough to go throughout it all. I was very strange working it through my hair and having no lather or suds, but I made sure to get it all through and even onto my scalp. The Healthy Hair Nutrition Conditioning Cleanser is very smooth and silky feeling and has a light citrus type scent. I left it in while I shaved, poufed and all that other girly stuff then rinsed it out.

I was VERY surprised that it did a great job of removing any product residue from my hair and left it very easy to comb out (my natural curls are a pain in the rear). I have been using this product exclusively to clean and condition my hair for the past two weeks and I can definitely say that I think my hair is looking quite a bit healthier. I've noticed it seems to be more shiny, less frizzy and just generally "feels" better.

Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Conditioning Cleanser retails for $6.99 ( a heck of deal if you ask moi!) and will be available at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and other select retailers nationwide. I would love to try their Intensive Repair Masque too!

Connect with them:

Salon Grafix:

I received the above mentioned product in order to offer my honest opinion. No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% mine

Cowboy Hat Review from Surplus Hats is a unique online hat shop that is a boon to savvy shoppers. 100% of their products are first run, top quality items from renowned head wear brands. How can they offer such amazing prices then, you are wondering. Easy Peasy, fashion is a hit and miss game, often times retailers purchase an overstock of items that don't move well. Nothing wrong with them, but maybe a specific hat that sells like hotcakes in Idaho doesn't move well in Ohio, SurplusHats then purchases the extras and sells them online (which as we all know isn't limited by geographical trends) guarantees the quality and authenticity and durability of all the products the sell. If you are not satisfied they have a very fair return policy.

My husband (for reasons unknown to myself) has been bugging me to get a cowboy hat for a couple years. I'm not sure why, but then again I'm not sure why he does half the stuff he does. Needless to say I ignored him until recently when I had the opportunity to review a cowboy hat from

They are having a cowboy hat sale right now and he got to pick a hat from their selection. I'm pretty sure he just thought I was messing with him until the box came. He opened it, took out the packing paper that kept it from getting crushed in transit and his eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas when he saw it. He said "you really got me a cowboy hat".

He picked the Eddy Bros Danson hat which is a lightweight, breathable hat that is of surprisingly sturdy construction. It has an elasticized sweatband inside and a leather and cloth band on the outside. I am happy to report that it is constructed very well, especially for the price. He has been wearing it around the and I think it's growing on me, probably because it is attractive in its simplicity.

If you have a cowboy in need of a hat, make sure to check out and their cowboy hat sale.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

BodyMind Weightloss Hypnosis CD review

It's that time of year again, the time when we all vow to shed those unwanted pounds, so naturally I was more than happy to give the weight loss hypnosis cds from BodyMind a shot. They are a set of 3 professionally scripted and recorded self-hypnosis sessions which have been designed to help you manage weight loss, healthy eating and exercise. When used regularly these are supposed to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

I received the mp3 version of these and eagerly downloaded them onto my computer. (someone please explain to me how to transfer them to my phone!) The instructions are very simple. Go somewhere that you can relax for about ten minutes (do not try this driving your car!!) I prefer to go in the bedroom and lay down in the dark, since there are fewer distractions for my feeble brain this way.

Here is what you do:
Week One: Listen to the first recording, Eat Healthy, once a day, everyday for a week.
Week Two: Listen to the recording, Naturally Slim, once a day, everyday for a week. Listen to Eat Healthy once this week.
Week Three: Listen to the recording, Fitness Motivation, once a day, everyday this week and Listen to Eat Healthy and Naturally slim once each this week.
Week Four: Listen to each of them one time, after that listen to them each once a month.

I am just starting on week 3 so I can't definitively tell you that they have changed my life or helped me loose a ton of weight. What I can tell you is that I actually really enjoy the ten minutes or so a day I spend listening to them. The womans voice is very soothing, the words help me to relax and focus on my goals at the same time. I plan to keep using these and see how much they help me make changes. Either way, I really do enjoy the time and feel better for listening to them. I've never been a person who was able to meditate or shut my brain down for any amount of time and these mp3's help me do that.

Connect with BodyMind Weight Loss on Facebook.

Buy it: You can purchase this great weight loss hypnosis program online at  for $29.99 and download it instantly

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Birthday Chronicle Review

If you are looking for a novel gift for a birthday, something last minute or even just something fund to send to the birthday persons work email, the Birthday Chronicle is a cute gift. I'm sure somewhere along the road you may have run across something like it in the bookstores or such, the cards that tell what was happening the year and day you were born.

I've always found stuff like that to be interesting so it was fun for me to submit my information and receive a personalized birthday chronicle just for me. You can personalize your headline or just have them use something that really would have been printed then. I submitted my info and within a couple of hours I had a .pdf file waiting in my inbox for me. Simply open the file, leave your printer on normal settings and print! If you have any fancy paper or card stock you could even print it and frame it. It was filled with fun facts, politics, sports and even the weather.

You can choose from 3 different formats; .pdf file, have them mail you a printed copy on pretty paper or have them ship you a framed copy.

At A Gift Anytime they have several personalized gifts that you can give for any holiday or occasion, ranging from the Birthday to the Easter Bunny and Santa. Prices starting at $2 for an amazing personalized gift. Great idea for kids as they adore things that are personal and "just" for them.

There are monthly specials you can sign up for this or find out about new projects they are working on at their blog: Because I Tried It. 
The also offer a free item about once a month so you want to be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss out.


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BeMine VDay Event, K-Y Brand Date Night-Review & Giveaway

K-Y Brand Products is one of the most reputable personal lubricant companies on the market. With everything from regular lube, sensitive lubes, climax enhancers, warming massage oil and even vaginal moisturizers, they have all your most personal needs covered. Since Valentines Day is right around the corner, K-Y Brands has teamed up with Moviefone and put together a special, limited time package, designed to make a couples night--both in and out of the bedroom.

What better way to spend a Valentines--movies and some intense action with your lover! I actually had not tried these particular products before so was eager to give them a test run! The K-Y Touch warming oil is so relaxing! Heh. Probably not what hubs was shooting for, but lets face it-- after a long day at work combined with a massage using oil that gently warms? I didn't want to move! Of course this oil can be used for foreplay and on any sensitive area.

Now hubs was much happier with the K-Y Yours+Mine test. Lets just say hoooo yeah! Definitely an experience worth repeating. Soon. Like, I really need to hurry up and finish this post.....  Oh fine, ladies apply a couple drops of the blue "yours" to his "area" and have him apply a couple drops of the purple "mine" to your area. Or do it yourself, whatever! Bottom line is his is gently warming, hers is tingly and when they mix....well, BOOYAH! I'm sure we will eventually get around to using that $10 off movie voucher.

 BUY IT: You can of course pick up K-Y online or at your local drugstore. Suggested Retail price for this pack is $26.99. (this is an amazing deal since purchased separately the K-Y products alone would be $29.98, add in the $10 movie voucher? Score!!)

WIN IT: One reader is going to win a K-Y Date Night pack of their very own containing the Yours, Mine, Warming Massage Oil and a code for a $10 off movie voucher. You won't be disappointed!

Giveaway open to US only. MUST be 18+ to enter.