Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Santa? Or Maybe not *Updated

I had a supremely long and crappy day, stuffing hundreds of bills and month end statements. I don't normally have to do this but my very part time assistant that usually does such menial labor had finals or a doctors appointment or something ( I really should listen better when she talks)
that's just a small sampling of the envelope stuffing
But I got super excited when I got home and the husbands car was gone. I was soooo thrilled that I forgot it's the first week of December and he's back on six days. Which means a couple hours of free, quiet time for me! Hooray! I was skipping into the house. Then I opened the door and my little girl Roxi (my 6lb yorkie) wasn't waiting right there for me. I panicked and thought the worst (she is 13 on Christmas Eve). I found her locked in the bathroom. Light off, she had been stuck in there for 4 hours. The dog who has never been contained---EVER. I pray to God there was nothing in the trash that will make her sick.

She has been a wreck all night, not letting me 3 feet away from her, crying, her eyes are red. Hubs swears he saw her in the kitchen when he left. Dumbass.

Then I went to nuke my Nutrisystem Mac and Cheese and my apparent super human strength ripped the handle right off my 3 year old Samsung microwave. My 5'3 self, while holding a whimpering dog in one arm managed this amazing feet.

Are you kidding me? I paid an arm and a leg for this sucker!
Oooh! Update: Samsung Support responded to my tweet:
*Thanks for the insight Samsung. I'd have never of guessed the handle ripping off in my hand as I open the door could possibly be considered physical damage. Does Samsung think I'm using it as a stripper pole? Because honestly, I'd think a handle should stay attached to a door under normal circumstances.

I calmed down, showered and settled in my chair to finish reading Explosive Eighteen with Roxi on my lap and a drink at hand. Just finished a glass of wine and my Dad texts me that he has Mom at the hospital. After all of her health problems and close to death experiences, next week would have been 1 year free of hospital stays.

Right now I'm sitting here panicked because I'm always the one that takes her, answers the questions about her history and her 87954136658 current meds. I want to go, but I had a drink and my meds, so driving isn't advisable and dad is with her. I just pray it is the flu this time and not another sepsis, Cdiff, lupus related illness.

So even though I thought Santa had delivered  me an early Christmas gift in my alone time, it appears I'm still on the naughty list. If anyone prays (which ever religion) or just has a positive thought to send out to my mom, I'd appreciate it. The Lupus makes it very hard for her to deal with regular things, let alone the other health problems she has developed.


Babes Mami said...

Your Momma always has my thoughts! I can't believe you ripped the handle off the microwave!!!

Heather! said...

I can't believe that was all in one afternoon! I hope your Mom is doing better. She and you will be in my thoughts!

Ben Jones said...

I have seen a micrwave like that when a guest pulled it a little hard. You may just have a defective product.Good luck Carries