Friday, December 14, 2012

Nutrisystem Week 22

Whew. Anyone having as much trouble as I am with losing the pounds this week? I love the holidays, but Christmas pretty much snuck up on me this year, now all of a sudden there are holiday parties out the wazoo, cookies, cakes and candies popping up just about everywhere you can imagine and I think even the air has calories in it.

I'm only down to 167.8 from 168 last week, it's not much, but it isn't a gain. Honestly? For the next two weeks as long as I maintain and the scale doesn't go up, I'm going to be a pretty happy camper. I'm dong my best to avoid taking in extra calories and avoiding holiday snacks like the plague, but every once in awhile I find a cookie in my hand and no clear idea how it got there.

I also measured my inches this morning and know there is a significant difference, now if I could just find the piece of paper I wrote them down on. I swear my brain is on holiday overload.

In other bad news, last night I went down to the basement to grab a bag of ice out of our upright freezer and it was dead. Dead as in really dead. Apparently for several days. Everything in there; meat, frozen soups, some frozen stuff of the husbands and all my Nutrisystem fresh frozen meals (naturally I just got my new shipment) had pretty much turned to liquid. Hauled out two full trash bags. I could cry. I hate waste at anytime but this was probably $300 worth of food including meat to cook for Christmas. Looks like I'll be improvising some meals.

Hope your week is great and stay strong against those darn cookies!
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Babes Mami said...

That is awful about your freezer!!! Cookies are sneaky, they keep jumping into my cart at the store haha. I finally bought a scale for the hotel and to replace my other scale until the company sends me my replacement (a foot on it broke) and I was so sure I'd be really up because I've been stuffing my face but I'm only up one pound since the start of pregnancy! Which means technically I've gained 14 since I lost the 13 but, I'm really happy about it. I KNOW that you can maintain, you are doing so great and are determined!!