Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ebates, How I Earn Cash Back

Alright peeps. It's the holidays, a ton of you are shopping online. Are you earning cash back on your purchases? I am. If you aren't already a member of ebates, keep reading to find out more.

Here is the deal, when you buy something online, you simply go to ebates first. Click the store you were going to shop at anyways and ebates opens a portal. When you make a purchase then you earn a % of cash back. The cash posts to your ebates account and once every three months they will either mail you a check or deposit it into your paypal account. No catches (at least that I have found)

I've been a member for a little over a year and below are two screen shots of what I've earned--on things I was already planning on buying.

You can also earn money for referring other users to Ebates (they must sign up and make at least a $25 purchase to qualify). The first referral is a $25 bonus in your pocket. After that it is $5 per referral. Still, if you sign up and are getting cash back, tell your mom, sister, BFF or co-workers. Get 5 other people to sign up and ebates will give you a $50 bonus on top of your referral bonus! No cost to join, no hoops to jump through, no minimum purchases. Just stop at ebates before you buy.

This is not a sponsored post, nobody is paying me to write it and I'm not getting anything for free (unless you sign up with my referral link, then I'll get $5, so really, sign up!) This is a legit service I have been using for over a year and wanted to share it with you


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