Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Scentsy Makes Great Holiday Gifts

I have been a Scentsy fan for quite awhile now. I tried buying those knock off scent blocks you find at Walmart and sure they smell good for a hot minute but that's about it. They have zero staying power and truthfully the price difference is really not that much at all. Lesson learned. This girl is sticking with what she knows.

I love gifting to Scentsy to all my female family members during the holiday season. I mean you really can't go wrong, it's not long clothing that won't fit, a gadget they'll never use. If they don't for some strange reason like the fragrance you picked, they can swap. Last year I gave all my sisters in laws and mother in law a plug in wall warmer and a scent block to get them started.
Tea Rose Plug in Scentsy Warmer

A good friend of mine (Boobies) recently became a Scentsy consultant and I booked an online party with her. There is no charge to book one and you can share the link with all your friends--easy peasy.

So I settled in to put together my gift order this year and wham! Discovered the new Scentsy layers. Shower gels, body lotions, sprays, washer whiffs and dryer bars, oh my! Let's say my order ended up being more for me than for gifting. I hooked myself up with a whole line of French Lavender products because the scent is supposed to be calming.
French Lavender Dryer Bars $7

The shower gel is great and works up a nice bubbly lather and the lotion is non greasy and absorbs right into your skin. I really enjoy this for night time showers to help me relax before bed. Of course I also washed my sheets with washer whiffs (like those Downy unstoppables, but these are crystals) and then dried them with a dryer bar. Bedtime is a relaxing dream! I really like that the dryer bars are reusable and don't have to be attached to the dryer in anyway, so I only toss them in with the loads I want to smell a particular scent and spare my husband smelling like a flower.

Of course there are tons of things I haven't mentioned, but you will just have to browse around a see what strikes your fancy.

Good Deals include a Closeout Section, various bundles with warmers and scents, buy 3 packs of scentsy bars save a $1 or buy 5 and get the 6th free are a few of them.

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Shop Now: To get a jump on your holiday shopping, head HERE and if it asks, I'd love for you to join Carrie B's party.

I got nothing for posting this except the love of my friend!

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