Saturday, November 3, 2012

Magnabilities Holiday Review & Giveaway

I adore jewelry (I am pretty sure that it's genetic and I obviously get it from my mom), but where I work I don't like to wear expensive fancy stuff, it just doesn't look right, plus I am always worried about losing it. Besides, how many hope diamond necklaces can one afford anyways? That is the fantastic thing about Magnabilities. Affordable, interchangeable magnetic jewelry! All the variety your heart desires, but with a price tag you can afford!

The idea was born: In 2008, Susan invited neighbors Brent & Kari over to share an idea.
She had a fishing line around her neck and a washer hanging from it as her pendant. Susan began to move a magnetic insert off and on the washer. She then asked, "What do you guys think?".......

It's so simple that it's genius. You pick out your base piece of jewelry, whether it is a ring, earrings, necklace or watch. Next you get to the really fun part: picking out your inserts from the hundreds of possibilities! The choices are almost endless.
Those are just some of the 1" inserts that caught my eye. The top row are standard pricing and the second row are premium. Of course those are just some of my faves! Everyone has different tastes and you just have to visit Magnabilities to find a dozen few to suit your tastes.

Magnabilities even offers unique storage options that you can pick up right on their website. Or if you are like me, I just stick them all to the inside of my medicine cabinet and it's easy and quick to grab which one I want when I'm getting ready in the morning.
I had the great pleasure of receiving a 16" satin necklace and some adorable inserts to get me started on my (sure to be large) collection.

Aren't these great? I love being able to change my jewelry to suit my mood and match my outfit. It's really quite affordable too! Regular inserts are only $5 and the premiums run around $11.95-$13.95.

These would make perfect gifts for any lady in your life: sister, friend, aunt, co-worker, you name it! Even better, they have an entire "tween" line of inserts that are perfect for the younger lady in your life! Make sure to hit Magnabilities up for all of your holiday shopping needs!

WIN IT: The amazingly generous folks over at Magnabilities have offered to give one of my readers at $50 gift card! Open Worldwide, must be at least 18 to enter.

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Terri Herman said...

I love these! I would go for change outs that would amuse my Preschool class of 4 year olds! An owl, the i (heart) mustache, one of the butterflies for me, and at the prices listed, I could have a great collection for $50! Thanks for the chance!

nightowl said...

I would get the 18" Acrylic Bead Necklace - Fuchsia with 2" Extender with the USA 3 and the Eiffel Tower Destination inserts.

andrea v said...

W30" Folk Fashion Necklace - Black/Shiny Silver Fits Badge Reels & Open Bail Pendants [zNK1115]

Avanleo 2 it's black and white

Heather! said...

I like the Stone Inserts, like the Brown/Gold insert. It looks like Tiger's Eye!

h4schaffer at gmail dot com

pamalot said...

I like the Elegant Square Pendant-Shiny Silver with the marble 10 and Once Upon a Time 3

Raina said...

My shopping list would include:
1)Uptown Owl Bittie Pendant-Antique Silver (Hinged Bail)
2)Silver Birthstone Bittie - September/Sapphire
3)Single Dynasty Shiny Silver Metal/Turquoise
4)Single Princess Shiny Silver Clear Bittie
5)Single Stone Bittie - Navy/Antique Silver
6)18" Satin Ribbon Necklace - Black with 2" Extender
7)18" Satin Ribbon Necklace - Brown with 2" Extender
Thanks for the chance!

Damla said...

I like these:

annabell_lee_dk (at) yahoo (dot) com

Terra H. said...

18" Pearl Necklace- Silver with 2" Extender and several of the inserts. Thanks.

Michelle Frame said...

I would get the Breast Cancer 2 insert

let it be said...

I would start with the square pendant-hematite, and get a few of the flower inserts :) so pretty!