Thursday, November 1, 2012

Energizer Flameless Wax Candles; Holiday Review & Giveaway

I'm a candle lover. As a matter of a fact my husband asked me the other day if we had enough candles in case the power went out during the Sandy fiasco, then started laughing hysterically ( I'm guessing he found my stash). One thing I'm always worried about though, is forgetting to blow them out and leaving or going to bed. It's happened a couple times and always freaks me out a bit, as I'd really prefer not to wake up to the house burning down around me. That's why I was so excited when I heard that Energizer had Flameless Wax Candles.

Energizer Flameless Wax Candle & Batteries
Energizer Flameless Wax Candles are available in pillars, tea lights, votive and even glass jars. These unique candles provide the same romantic, relaxing ambiance as a real candle without worrying about the dangers of flame around small children and pets. They are also available in a variety of colors and scents.

Technical Details:
  • advanced LED technology with realistic flame patterns
  • convenient 4,6,8 hour timer setting
  • memory setting--you can program your candle to turn on automatically
  • real wax, a melted edge--it looks and feels real
  • scents include honey-vanilla, pumpkin spice, driftwood, vanilla & pomegranate passion
Energizer Flameless Wax Candle
My thoughts:
I received a 3x4 taupe pillar in honey vanilla scent and a four pack of Energizer Max AA bateries with Power Seal technology. I wasn't sure I would actually like a flameless candle as much as the real thing, thinking that the glow and flicker of the flame would not be as good. I was very surprised when I unwrapped my candle. The out side texture is a little "bumpy" like a textured candle would be and feels just like real wax. I like that it isn't perfect--not perfectly smooth and the upper edge isn't cut exact. This gives it the look of a real candle instead of an assembly line, machine stamped product. You insert the four AA batteries into the bottom of the pillar, attach the cover and have easy access to your on/off and timer switches. This particular scent is very mild and I honestly cannot imagine that it would bother even the most sensitive person.

I love keeping mine in the bedroom on my nightstand. I can set the time so that it turns on before bed and shuts off a little while after I fall asleep. I love being able to look at the flickering flame while drifting off to sleep, it is so relaxing and I don't have to worry about fire!

BUY IT: These would make fantastic holiday gifts for anyone on your holiday list. Especially if you think of someone that has allergies or asthma and is very sensitive to strong scents, now they can enjoy candles with a mild scent! Now availble on Holiday designs to be released soon.

WIN IT: One reader is going to win a 3x4 pillar in honey vanilla scent and a 4 pack of Energizer Max batteries. (approx value is $24)

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Sherry said...

Glass Jar LED Flameless Wax Candle I like the red one.

♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ said...

I like the Pillar Flameless Wax Candles in teal blue

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

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debijackson said...

glass jar led flameless wax candle
debbie jackson
djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

Lisa Brown said...

I like the Pillar Flameless Wax Candles in Green

Jennifer Woosley said...

Pillar Flameless Wax Candles in teal blue

LisaLisa said...

Love theses candles, it's a great way to celebrate the Holidays by using Flameless candles.

Jennifer Mckingley said...

I would love to try these candles, i think they are safe to use.

ironfrank said...

Honey Vanilla!

Connie Bolick Lee said...

I would like to have a red Glass Jar Candle for Christmas time.

nightowl said...

I'd also like to have the Pillar Flameless Wax Candles.

Stephanie said...

I like the 3x4 pillar in celery green.

Kristen said...

I like the Celery Green Pillar Candle.

Heather! said...

I like the Glass Jar Flameless Wax candles, especially the Burgundy one.

h4schaffer at gmail dot com

Gianna said...

The Energizer® LED Flameless Wax Candle Collection with Natural Flicker (Blue).

Terra H. said...

ivory Glass Jar Flameless Wax Candle with Realistic Flicker

Robin Quick said...

I like the Burgundy Glass Jar Flameless Wax candles.

flairshare said...

I would also like the red Pillar Flameless Wax Candles for Christmas.

Jennifer Hiles said...

I like the teal blue Pillar Flameless Wax Candles

BzzAgent KaciOhio said...


Kaci Guisinger Harrison

Krystal Miller said...

The Teal Blue Glass Candle is nice!

Krystal Miller said...
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lmurley2000 said...

i like the glas task light they have