Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cygnett iPhone & iPad Cases Review and Giveaway

Let's face it folks, we all know an iPhone/iPad obsessed person-- might actually be one ourselves. I freely admit that I can't function without my iPhone and my iPad is my baby. I also admit that I'm a butter fingers, if you can drop something, I have done it at least several times. So when it comes to protecting my expensive electronics, I don't want to go with just any old case.

That's how I came across Cygnett. I was researching quality cases that are a reasonable price and they fit the bill. Cygnett designs and develops cases for the worlds most popular electronics. Not just "i" products-that just happens to be my personal fetish! Cases and accessories for iPods, iPhones, iPads, smartphones, tablets, portable speakers and more. Cygnett combines eye catching style with protection and functionality.

They have a variety of iPad cases to choose from depending on your style and needs. You could go with a super tough workmate case, a connect case with a keyboard and several more. Prices range from a $19.99 to $149.99 (for the bells and whistles bluetooth keyboard case).

 I didn't get to pick which cases I received, but they are so perfectly me it's like the PR rep actually knows me. I received the Glam Red Case ($59.99) and the Pink Alumni Case ($29.99). The Glam Red makes my girly heart go pitter patter. It is a high gloss, fire engine red with a magnetic closure that automatically operates the sleep/wake function and multi position flexi stand view. This case is so me, my dream come true. I love the bright, glossy red and the smooth cool feel of the exterior. The flexi stand is a highly functional addition that I get a ton of use from. I like that I can prop the tablet up on my lap without having to hold it, freeing myself to have use of both hands. It's convenient that I can adjust the angle also.

The Pink Alumni case is handy for on the go. It's canvas exterior is sturdy enough that I don't worry about scratches or tears, yet it's still pretty and its' slimmer design means it fits in a purse or tote with ease. It has a handy inner pocket that you can slide a couple papers or even credit cards. Both cases are compatible with iPad models 2, 3 and the New iPad.

Looking for an iPhone case for your iPhone 5? Cygnett also has a large variety of cases in reasonable prices.

The AeroGrip Form is  high gloss ergonomic case in one piece that snaps on your phone. It comes in a variety of colors (I received the pink, which perfectly matches my iPad case) and is pocket friendly. At a very reasonable $18.99 you could pick up a couple.

The UrbanShield Aluminum case is a unique design that features dual materials. The outer edge is an easy to grip material that gives you access to all your buttons and ports while the back of the case is a smooth, shiny, brushed aluminum. $24.99

The Polygon Ultra-Slim prism case is truly unique. Its' ultra slim design makes it perfect for sliding into your skinny jean pockets while the sleek triangular prism design catches the eye and also provides grip. Snaps on and allows access to all ports. The clear material allows you to showcase your phone or even a static cling.  $18.99

The WorkMate Shock-absorbing case is perfect for those who need some extra protection. It combines a heavy duty, impact resistant shell with a shock absorbing inner liner. While it is a case designed with protection in mind, it is still pocket friendly and the dual material outer shell lends a touch of style. If you are the type that tends to drop your phone frequently this is what you need. $24.99

The above items are just the tip of the iceberg on what Cygnett has to offer. You can find reasonably priced holiday gifts for all of the technology junkies in you life shopping with with Cygnett.

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Giveaway: I'm going to share the goodies here and give away three of the iPhone 5 cases I reviewed. All you need to do to enter is visit Cygnett and tell me something else you would love to have from them, leave me a comment below. Must be 18+ to enter and have a US or CA mailing address.



Heather! said...

Ooh...I love the Glam Red High-Gloss case for iPad! Sexy!

h4schaffer at gmail dot com

tweetyscute said...

I would love the CarGo for the ipad

ninajanke at gmail dot com

deanna said...

I want these:
deannalw47 AT hotmail DOT com

Carolyn D. said...

The workmate shock absorbing one would be great for my sister! She drops her phone all the time!

Thank you,

Allie Dole said...

I would love to try the Purple Vector Case!

Allie Dole said...

I would love to try the Purple Vector Case!

Renee Walters said...

I would love the CarGo for the ipad! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway and happy holidays!

Stephanie Manner Wagner said...

I'm all about the sturdy workmate case with 5 kids.

ferriz said...

i love the soundcheck headphones.

dani marie ferriza2(at)yahoo(dot)com

Wendy Rozema said...

i like the hootsville iphone case!!

Carol said...

I like the Red High-Gloss case for iPad.
brandy graham (name on rafflecopter)

Fangirl Jen said...

The Power Mini II would be great for road trips.

ellie said...

I would also like to have a Glam Red ipad case.
Thanks for the giveaway!
eswright18 at gmail dot com

Miranda Ward said...

The Purple Vector Case!

rg5243 said...

I'm torn between the Purple Vector & White Workmate cases

Chris Alejandro said...

I really liked the Aerosphere Bubbles of comfort case for 15" Notebooks. They have plenty of great choices for any device. A lot of them are excellent gift ideas for the holidays!

I appreciate the chance to win a case! Thanks!

Lieutcrunch27 (at) gmail (dot) com

mimilovesall8 said...

I really like the Nano Ipod Second Skin covers in red.
These covers are awesome looking!
Thanks for the chance to win!
Merry Christmas!

Gianna said...

Bubbles of Comfort
15" Macbook

cassandra m said...

this looks wonderful I could never afford electronics for this or anything on the site

I would gift this to a lady at my church who I know can use it if i win

corey1971 said...

The CarGo for ipad looks cool (Corey Olomon)(CoreyOlomon at gmail dot com)

Joel Voth said...

The soundwave would be neat to try.

Susan Climan said...

I would like the SoundScape
iPhone & iPod speaker dock.

Erica Heft said...

I really like the Haven Icon case for the Iphone5, super cute!

harolde said...

Khaki Workmate is the one I think I like best.

Susan Smoaks said...

i would love to get the purple lavish earth folio case for my ipad
susansmoaks at gmail dot com

daveshir2005 said...

I also like their 3 x AntiGlare+ screen protector
iPhone 5

fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski

Susan King said...

I would love the Atomic II Earphones with Mic For Mobile Devices.