Thursday, November 29, 2012


Have you heard about cureLauncher yet? I hadn't until recently and I've been doing some reading about them.

What is cureLauncher?
The cureLauncher platform works to launch cures for diseases, right now, where you live. By using social networking and direct donations, researchers are able to focus on finding cures rather than waiting years for government grants--which are scarce to begin with.  Research, discovery and development of break through drugs can be vastly accelerated by World Class Scientist with even the smallest of donations.

Why? What is the Reason?
In this day and age of social media and being able to find just about anything on the internet people have become leery of donating money. Too often you wonder just where your money is going. Is it actually going to research, going to benefit what you are in fact donating it for? Many times it isn't, or all of it isn't.
With cureLauncher you can donate directly to the cancer research to make sure that it is going to help develop drugs and medical devices for the people that need them.

cureLauncher has independent medical reviewers that provide evaluations of new cancer treatments. Cancer patients can communicate with medical researchers in a confidential setting.

Visit the clinical trials section of the website to find active clinical trials that are looking for patients to enroll.

There is so much to learn at cureLauncher that it is hard to sum up in a brief blog post. I can say that if you or someone you love is or has suffered from cancer, you should definitely visit the website, there is a wealth of information available for you.

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