Sunday, April 29, 2012

Winner Post!

I try not to clutter up your inbox (if you are an email subscriber) or the blog feed with winner posts, but since there are quite a few today, I though I'd put one up, just to keep it all straight! (you can check winners anytime, I announce them on the rafflecopter widget and leave it up)

Gourmet Gift Baskets Brownie Sampler goes to: Nancy D.

Spornette Brushes: Amanda S., Ducky Bcc and Nancy StyleDecor have all won a brush of their choice!

FaceCase:  Black Asphodel, Soccermom12309, Hipsterkicks and Mzollan are all winners!

I will be sending everyone their emails in the next couple minutes!

Thanks everyone for entering and to the sponsors for the great products!


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