Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sibu Toner, Mask & Skin Exfoliating Scrub, Review & Giveaway

Sibu Beauty is a leader in the industry of premium skin care products. They manufacture theirs from the prized Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Berry harvested from the Tibetan Himalayas (12,000 ft above sea level). Sea Buckthorn is the fundamental ingredient in all of the Sibu products.

The Sea Buckthorn is a hardy little berry that has been use for more than 1300 years to treat an array of health issues. This amazing little berry contains over 190 bio active compounds AND Omegas 3, 6 and 9. Even more it is a rich source of the elusive fatty acid; Omega 7-- which is essential for the production of collagen for healthy skin, nails and hair.

Back when I first started blogging I was entering giveaways quite a bit and won a bottle of Sibu Repair and Protect Cream. That was about two years ago now and I can say honestly say that after trying that bottle that I won, I have gone on to purchase a bottle every time I run low. I have been able to try quite a few products in those two years but hands down, I love it for my morning face routine! How's that for a testimonial?

When I recently got the chance to try the new line up I was just about giddy waiting for them to come in the mail. I received a Clarifying Toner, Purifying Mask and Exfoliating Scrub to review.

- Sibu Purifying Mask combines a toxin absorbing base with activating enzymes that help to gently remove dead skin and debris, leaving behind clean, youthful skin.
    I love doing masks on my face, but my face doesn't always love some of the masks I have tried. I have sensitive combination skin that manages to be dry and oily and the same time and also will burn with some products.  I can happily say that the Sibu mask did not cause me to get that horrible burning feeling. The mask has a light citrus scent (the products always smell vaguely orangish to me) and is very slightly gritty. I just apply a thin layer to my face and wait for it to turn dull so I know it has dried (about ten minutes depending how thick of a layer) then gently wash off with water. My face feels fresh and renewed. Retail price $29.95

- Sibu Clarifying Toner is a new refreshing solution to help eliminate excess toxins and residue from the skin. Helps to minimize pores, clarifies, reconditions and hydrates skin.
    I find that the several times I have tried to use a toner it has left my skin feeling light the Sahara desert. Plus, I'm lazy. I hate having to dig out the cotton balls to use toner (what? my time is at a premium and it's a pain!) I love that you just close your eyes and a couple pumps of the sprayer leaves a refreshing mist on your face. Since it is also hydrating I get that extra surge of moisture. Normally I give up after a couple days but I have been using the toner religiously since I tried it. Don't worry, if you aren't as lazy as I am, you can get out the cotton balls and apply the old fashioned way!  After a little experimentation I have found that I can even spray it on TOP of my make up for a mid day pick me up! Retail Price $24.95

 - Sibu Exfoliating Scrub is a gently, yet effective blend that is ideal for people with oily skin clogged pores. It is creamy with large grit. Even though the grit is fairly decent sized, I still found this to be a big gentler than exfoliators you find at the drugstore. It also has the light, refreshing citrus scent. For myself I find that using this once a week on my face, neck and chest is sufficient to keep my pores unclogged. However if your skin is quite greasy or if you have problems with breakouts, you could use it more often. I think it is going to come in handy during those "monthly" breakouts and when I get those summer sweat breakouts. *do not use the same day as the Purifying Scrub. Retail Price $19.95

I also received a little sample of the Sibu Omega Chocolates, individually wrapped pieces of heaven. So creamy and with a faint orange flavor, these could rival any gourmet chocolate yet contain 250mg of Omega 7 oil in each one. Getting healthy never tasted so good!

Visit Sibu online to learn more about the entire line of products

Right now you can get 15% off the new products I reviewed by entering the code NEWSIBU15 at checkout.

Win It: One reader is going to win a Clarifying Toner, Purifying Mask and Exfoliating Scrub (if you're lucky maybe they will throw in a chocolate or two!) This is a $74.85 value! Please use the RaffleCopter form below to enter.

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I received the above mentioned items for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% mine. I am not a dermatologist and my opinions should not be taken as medical advice.


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