Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ProXeed Plus Review & Giveaway

I am pretty open on my blog about the fact that my husband I have been unable to conceive. At first I felt really alone, but in opening up online, I have discovered that infertility affects many more people than I would have ever guessed. I have also learned that there are different levels of infertility.

One of those levels is called "subfertility" and if actually affects 20 - 30% of couples. Subfertility basically means that if has taken a couple longer than average and they still have not conceived. Typically women are the first to seek help and be examined by a doctor, when in reality about half the time the problem lies with the male partner. In about 40% of subfertile couples the problem lies with the sperm quality of the male partner.

Several years ago I was looking into this issue and basically found that you could improve sperm quality but it took a cocktail of vitamins and supplements that are a bit overwhelming--also this was me searching the internet, not a professional analysis. Now, thanks to ProXeed Plus, improving sperm quality is possible.

ProXeed Plus is a clinically-supported nutritional supplement developed to help improve the health and quality of sperm. Two packets a day (one in the morning and one in the evening) taken over the course of six months, may enhance sperm count, motility, concentration and speed which could aid in the chances of conception. Results can be seen in as little as three months, but not before as it takes about 74 days for new sperm to mature and another 20 for them to be capable of conception.

To sum up the ProXeed facts:
-- It comes in a convenient packet, in powder form which can be mixed with at least 4 oz of water or other beverage.
-- Contains added nutrients targeted at reducing oxidative damage and supporting the formation and maturation of sperm
-- Has a light lemon flavor
-- Only 12 calories

For more information or to order visit A one month supply (two 30 count boxes) is $125. If you have been around the world of fertility treatments, as I have, you will know that that price pales in comparison to other treatments or aids you might try. If you buy a 3 month supply the price per box drops to $118 and a 6 month supply the price per box drops to $112.50.

We did receive a 30 count box to try and I am very excited about it. My husband hated taking a handful of pills, they bothered his stomach, some left a horrible aftertaste and eventually we both go tired of me nagging him. The packets are great. 4 ounces of water is really nothing, 2 gulps at most. If the very faint lemon taste bothers him, he can dump it in his juice. I just leave a packet out on the counter for him every morning (seriously, the man would forget his head if it wasn't screwed on) and he takes another one at night after he comes home from work.

I really can't tell you that they work--for the purposes of the posting the review and getting the facts out to my readers, I can't really wait 3 to 6 months! Rest assured, if we do end up pregnant, you readers and ProXeed will be the second to know! Since he has been taking it and has no side effects we do plan to continue it and see where it leads.

One of my readers can win a 30 count box of ProXeed Plus to help them on their fertility journey. Please use the rafflecopter form below to enter. While this product can be purchased internationally, the giveaway will be limited to US & CA, 18+. Due to the fact that not everyone is as open too talking about sperm count and infertility as I am, I am making the entries as general as possible.


I received the above mentioned item, no other compensation was received. Nothing I have written should be construed as medical advice, you should always consult your family physician before taking medication


naudii beautii said...

i really hope i win, me and my husband been trying to conceive for the past 4 years =|

Amanda said...

This would be wonderful to win. It's great for anyone who has problems conceiving : )