Monday, November 28, 2011 Review and Giveaway

The holidays are here (or near enough) and everyone is looking for the perfect gifts and stocking stuffers. so i thought it would be a great time to remind my long time readers and introduce any new readers to They have tons and tons of awesome hair accessories. Items like hair clips, head scarves, snoods, baby hats, baby headbands and tons more!  Even better, they have an under $5 section and a Clearance section for us frugal or budget minded shoppers.

I have reviewed items for them several times in the past and always found them to be of high quality materials and well made. Once again, I was not disappointed! I asked to review the Three Button Stylish hat in black (since that's always easiest to match to my winter clothing). It fits perfect, looks adorable (I thinks so and you need to lie to me if you don't agree, kay?). It is very well made, no loose stitches, no hanging strings, and a nice thick material that won't wear out.

Since the folks over at are so awesome they have offered a 20% off code good until 12/31/11! Just enter "blog1231" at check out!

Even more awesome is that they have offered to sponsor a giveaway. One winner will receive a surprise box with $25 worth of hair accessories. Open world wide, use the easy entry RaffleCopter form below to enter.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Teton Sports - Hiking & Camping Equipment - Review & Giveaway

I personally am not the out doorsy kinda girl you will find sleeping in a tent somewhere. Nope. My idea of camping involves a cabin that has heat, a/c and preferably a jacuzzi. However, I do get that there are many of you that enjoy that sort of sleeping under the stars thing, as a matter of a fact I kinda the misfit in my family as far as that goes. Last week was the guys annual head to upstate New York- sleep in the woods and shoot a deer weekend.  Growing up in this kind of family means that while it's not my cup of tea, I do understand the importance of quality sporting goods.

I had the chance to review an item from TETON Sports. TETON Sports was founded in 2005 in Utah, with their goal to be to build the best equipment and yet still be priced competitively.  Affordable and quality is not always an easy combo to find!

I received the Celsius XXL 0 (green) sleeping bag to review. It arrived at my house just hours before the hunting expedition and my father showed up like lightening to pick it up. He'd been complaining about his bag for a couple of trips and couldn't wait to help me test this one out.
Here are the official specs (from the TETON website)
  • Dimensions: 90" x 39"
  • Pack Weight: 7lbs
  • Shell: Taffeta
  • Insulation: Superloft Elite 4-channel Hollow Fiber
  • Liner: 100% brushed flannel
  • Colors: Black, Grey or Green

Let's just say Dad was more than thrilled with this bag. It has shoulder and zipper baffles to keep out drafts, dual layer offset stitching to eliminate cold spots, an adjustable mummy type head rest and even has an inner pocket for cell phone, mini flashlight or (haha) a midnight snack! He said that it was super comfy, enough padding so it didn't feel like he was laying on a sheet of paper. He said it kept him warm enough that he didn't even have to wear his thermal socks or an extra shirt. Plus, all the other guys were jealous (major win). When he was ready to come home it easily slid back into the carry sack. He says it is really durable and he can see it lasting him for years. (He also said I need to keep getting good stuff to review instead of girly stuff)
Check out TETON Sports online to see more sleeping backs, camp cots, backpacks and tents. Ready to purchase? The holidays are here and you know there is some hard to buy for outdoorsy man, woman or youth that this would make a perfect gift for. 

Purchase HERE:
TETON Sports Celsius XXL 0-Degree Sleeping Bag

Want to win one? TETON Sports has generously offered to give one of my readers the same bag that I received. Use the easy entry RaffleCopter form below to enter.

Canale Originals introduces Bracelet-Mate, The Purseless Purse and Wrist-Bling.

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f you are like me, you are looking for the perfect holiday gifts. Stocking stuffers, sisters, friends, even secret santa gifts are on your list. Lucky for you I have a perfect suggestion. The Bracelet-Mate. This awesome new invention that takes the place of a keychain, purse, wallet and makeup holder. It is made up of some gorgeous beaded bracelets that stretch over your wrist and on the inside portion of your wrist is a small wallet. This way you sport some seriously hot bling and have a wallet that you don't have to worry about setting down and loosing or having it stolen!

It is very well made and fits my wrist perfectly. I can tell it's there but nobody else can. I can't tell you the number of times when I was younger that I would head to a bar and not want to carry in a purse but not have any pockets. Nowadays I'm not so much into the bar scene but there are plenty of times I have no desire to lug around my purse and this is perfect. It has plenty of room for my id, debit car, some cash, the car key and even a small lipstick!

Great stocking stuffers for ladies of all ages! Can be purchased online at They come in a variety of colors and designs.

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ShaToBu Shapewear, Review & Giveaway

It's the beloved, yet dreaded time of the year again. You know what I'm talking about. The holiday season. Sure it's great to see family and friends, exchange gifts and watch the little ones eyes light up on Christmas (or insert your own holiday in here) morning. It's delightful to taste all those yummy holidays cookies, snacks and traditional feasts, but with all the extra "fun" crammed into our already full lives, often times our workouts get left behind, just when we would need them most to help burn off that last sugar cookie.

I'm proud of myself, I've lost quite a bit of weight this year and I really don't want to gain it back. Plus, no matter what size a woman is, most of them feel better with a little bit of smoothing shapewear under that gorgeous holiday dress. Am I right? Thought so!

That's why I want to tell you about ShaToBu, a revolutionary new shapewear created by Dr. Denise Perron. The ShaToBu goes beyond just helping you achieve a sleeker silhouette. It helps you burn up to 12% more calories per day! I can feel the disbelief right through the computer screen, so let me explain how it works. Dr. Perron has incorporated resistance bands into the shapewear, making your muscles work just a little bit harder during all of your daily activities which increases your muscle tone and helps burn more calories.

ShaToBu shapewear is made from Nylon and Lycra with overall moisture wicking abilities and a CoolMax gusset to keep you dry and cool all day long.

I got to try out a pair of the ShaToBu waist high to knee shapers. Honestly, when I took it out of the package I started laughing, thinking  no way on earth was I going to shimmy into that tiny thing! After a couple of days though, I went ahead and took the plunge, putting it on like a pair of nylons--scrunching it all up and easing it on-- and surprisingly it went into place with fairly few acrobatics (if your are a shapewear wearing woman you know what a feat that is!)  It fist very nicely under my clothing, even a pair of leggings, without leaving any tell tale lumps or bulges and stayed in place very well all day long. I have had other shapewear that tends to roll down the back and under the chest but didn't have any type of rolling with the ShaToBu. At the end of the day it really did seem as if my tummy was a little tighter--like you would feel after sit ups.
The only thing I would even think to say that I didn't like about them is that you have to do some work every time you use the restroom--and as a woman who drinks alot of water at work, it gets old. Perhaps in the future there will be an option for one with an "opening" in a convenient place.  ***editied--I was informed that the seamless versions do have a gusseted opening! woot!

BUY IT: Ladies you still have time to pick a pair up for yourself before the holidays! Go to ShaToBu and choose the style for you.

WIN IT: One lucky reader will win a pair for themselves! Winners choice between a ShaToBu Get Fit Shaper or a ShaToBu Get Fit Tights Fill out the easy entry RaffleCopter form below for your chance to win. Open to US & CA only.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Anti Monkey Butt Review & Giveaway

Hey everyone! It's that time of year again. Even though it's Winter (or pretty much so, for most of us) we are running around like crazy, working, shopping, cooking, cleaning, decorating, the list goes on and on. So despite those cooler temps we often end up sweating our butts off anyways, that's when Anti Monkey Butt Powder comes in handy!

Anti Monkey Butt powder has soothing ingredients like Calamine and Talc which creates a feeling of relief rather than the burning sensation (yowch!) that comes from other products that contain menthol.

I've been using Anti Monkey Butt powder for about a year or so and love the ladies formula! I find that for myself (being a larger busted woman) it is awesome to sprinkle some in my bra cups to keep me feeling fresh all day. Love it before working out and even in shoes in the summer!

Anti Monkey Butt powder comes in Mens, Womens and Baby formulas (my hubs is a Chef and trust me-- he goes through his share of the mens!) Can be purchases online at or at various stores like CVS, WalMart, Rite Aid and more. Check out the website for some great holiday gift ideas including shampoos, towelettes and T-Shirts.

Win IT: One of my readers will win a full size Anti Monkey Butt powder of their own (winners choice). Please fill out the easy entry Rafflecopter form below.

Softlips Holiday Flavors, Review & Giveaway

Give a lip treat this holiday season by sharing Softlips with your loved ones! This is not my first time using Softlips (lip balm addict here!) but I was thrilled to get a package full of the new winter flavors to try out. The four yummy flavors include Winter Mint, Sugar Cookie, Sugar Plum Berry and Sugar& Spice; each one more delicious than the last. I keep them in my desk, purse, on the end table and on my nightstand. Besides keeping my lips smooth, moist and happy, the flavors are to die for!

Want some great gift ideas? Check out this new Softlips Video, "So Merry. So You." 

Here are a couple of other ideas for you:

Basket of Beauty: So many stores offer gift sets, but the person you’re buying for might not use or like everything in the set and it can come off like you were in a hurry to buy a gift. An easy solution is to buy a basket or small bin and fill it with items that you know they like. Each basket or bin can be customized to the person whether it’s a basket of beauty products including Softlips lip balm or a bin filled with hair products for the hair junkie. Finish the look by covering the gift set with cellophane and tie it with ribbon.

Glamorous Stocking Stuffers: Holiday stockings are an easy way to stash a variety of beauty goodies. You can find a glittery stocking to fill with pretty presents that pamper such as makeup brushes, shimmery jewelry, nail products for a manicure and Softlips lip balm.

Stylish Gift Wrapping:  No matter what the gift is, with just a few simple steps you can transform an ordinary gift to an extraordinary gift. Add a touch of glam or beauty to your gift by attaching a pair of shimmery earrings or bangle bracelets to the ribbon or look for beauty products with peg holes in the card, like Softlips lip balm, and attach it to the ribbon on the gift bag or present.

So when you are out doing your holiday shopping, don't forget the Softlips! Now throughout the holiday season available at stores like Target, WalMart & RiteAid nationwide. Two Packs suggested retail for $3.99 and an exclusive 5 pack available only at

WIN IT: One reader is going to take home the same four pack of Softlips that I received. Please Use the easy RaffleCopter entry form below.

Zenni Optical

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zenni Optical for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I recently dragged my sorry self to the eye doctor for the first time in years. I knew I needed glasses but not having optical coverage on my insurance plan was a huge reason why I delayed. Personally I don't like contacts, I have tried them and my eyes never adjust to them, they constantly irritate me. So I knew I was going to have to pick out a pair of  eyeglasses.

Along with correcting our vision and allowing us to see better, eyeglasses are a personal style choice. Nobody wants an ugly pair of glasses. We want something that compliments our features and makes us feel attractive. I chose a pair I liked but that were on the low end of the money spectrum and still ended up spending almost $400.

I truly wish I had known about Zenni Optical and the cheap eyeglasses that they sell then. I'm actually thinking of ordering an extra pair or two to have as back ups or just so that I can change pairs depending on my mood. Yes, they are that reasonable! They have eyeglasses starting at $6.95. Seriously? I could have a pair of glasses for every day of the week at that price. I even found a couple I like, like these cute pinkish ones for my girly days:($23.95!)

If I had purchased my glasses through Zenni Optical I could have saved well over $300. Then when my computer died last night I could have afforded a new hard drive and wouldn't be trying to type this on my phone!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Puppies vs Babies, Online Contest

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Puppies vs. Babies in an online contest, which you vote as the cutest?


I know I'm probably going to get some incredulous or even angry comments for saying this but...oh well, that's just how I am! In the realm of Puppies vs. Babies , I'd have to vote Puppies. Don't get me wrong,  I love babies, babies smell good and make funny expressions and are so darn lovable.

The only thing is most of the time they are not that cute, not until they grow a wee bit, anyway. Most of them are red and wrinkly and bald. I know every parent thinks their baby is the cutest baby in the world and I'm sure I would too if I was able to have a baby of my own, but to be honest, most of the time I just agree and toss out the "awwww, adorable" so as not to be rude (or be attacked by a raging Mama)

Now puppies? Puppies are adorable. Little balls of fluff that totter around on shaky legs exploring their new world, sleeping sprawled in crazy places and looking at you with liquid eyes! I can't see a puppy without wanting to take it home with me!

Now that I got all that off my chest, I want to make sure to encourage you to stop by the Puppies vs. Babies online contest being hosted by Animal Planet. Voting is open until November 23. The winning baby or puppy will receive $5000!

I'm sure you guessed I'll be voting puppy! I'm too late to enter one of my pooches into the contest butI'm sure Chester could have given those babies a run for their money, just look at him:

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Good & Bad

Hookin up with Boobies and My Mad Mind for their Fawk You Friday. . You know, the no rules, whine about whatever the hell you want, however the hell you want meme.

Ugh, it's been a week. Lemme list a couple of my grievances for you, along with a funny or two. 

  • Finally got a call from the pain clinic (it's been weeks already). They can't get me in for my initial consultation until Dec 12. They won't give me the epidural that day. They also will not refill my pain meds since they haven't seen me yet, so I have to beg call my family Dr. to refill them
  • I got the bill from the MRI yesterday. My portion is $365, swell. Thanks Anthem.
  • Hubs came home from work last night and handed me a letter from his work. His insurance rates went up substantial amount. Thanks Anthem.
  • About a month ago I had a chip repaired in my windshield. I went out to my car after work the other day and now I have an 8inch long crack in a diff. spot. Which means I will have to replace the entire windshield. Are you KIDDING ME?
  • I have been nominated to have Thanksgiving at my house and it currently looks like a cross between hoarders and footage of the Japan Tsunami because I haven't had time to finish the 89776543467 projects I have going. Hell. 
  • I was jolted from a alcoholl induced soundless sleep at 1:30 am by a LOUD crash. I blearily stumble to the pitch dark living room and loudly ask "What happened" from upstairs I hear the husband say "I'm okay". I roll my eyes and go back to bed. Turns out he fell down the steps and crashed into the bookshelf at the bottom. All I can say is he better not have stolen any of my vicodin.   
  • I pulled up to a drive thru and stopped at the drive up trash can, tossed out several of the kajillion or so water bottles that seem to breed in my car. Then I sat there. And waited. And got pissed. Because nobody was taking my order. Obviously I am NOT a morning person. I probably shouldn't be allowed to drive. 

The best part of my week involved a series of texts, hey tells and culminated in a Facetime session. There were also crochet hooks involved and laughing until I almost wet pants. But that story belongs to Boobies so I'm sure she'll tell you soon enough. 

Why doesn't spell check recognize the word Vicodin?


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Emani Review

Have you heard of EMANI? They are a Green Make Up company. Why go green in your make up? Well on average the American woman uses 12 personal care products per day, which exposes them to over 126 unique chemical ingredients on a daily basis that our skin just sucks right up into our systems.

So Emani is both Vegan AND Gluten friendly. Meaning they use no animal by products, do not test on animals and all their brushes are free of animal hairs. They are also safe for people that have gluten allergies (in the last 5 years the demand for gluten free products has risen 50%)

Emani is also Paraben free (some parabens are considered estrogen disputers because they mimic estrogen in the body)--now I could write a whole bunch of big words that don't mean much to me or I could summarize why this is important with a quote from the Emani website:
Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Jan 2002) published t is estimated that more than 90% of all cosmetic products contain some form of paraben. Research showed evidence of a weak estrogen effect on cells in a way that could be problematic for binding to receptor sites that may cause proliferation of MCF-7 breast cancer cells.
Now if those reasons are enough to make you Go Green with Emani, consider that they use certified organic ingredients from plant and flower extracts in their formulas.Nature produces the most amazing colors, why not look to those to enhance our natural beauty.

I recieved a mineral powder eyeshadow in the color 1060 Fearless. This is not normally a color I would choose for myself, but since I love make up and I did give my word to review it, I gave it a shot.

What I can tell you about this is that it is amazing. Loose eyeshadow always makes me nervous because it tends to flake and end up sorta dusting your face. This one didn't at all. I also just used the teeniest, tiniest bit and got some dramatic results, so that little container is going to last you a long, long time, making it well worth the money. Since I also work long days I look for make up that stays fresh all day and doesn't fade. I can definitely tell you that my Emani eyeshadow passed that test with flying colors. 

Check them out and see what you have been missing by not going green.
Online at Emani
On Facebook at Emani Minerals
and on Twitter  at @EMANItweets


I received the above mentioned product in order to give my honest opinion of it. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mayesa, Healthy Chocolate Drink- Review & Giveaway

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Like chocolate? Lord knows I do, but it's not exactly the best go to snack choice if you know what I mean. Luckily Mayesa is changing all that and now you can have a healthy chocolate choice. Mayesa Chocolate drink is made from organic cocao, full of antioxidants along with Omega 3 & 6. It is also soy and dairy free and the "mint" flavor is also gluten free. This is a healthy chocolate drink that is good for children AND adults!

So you are wondering what they are made from if the "milk" drinks are soy and dairy free. Well, they are made from a blend of hemp protein, rice and spices. They are a great source of calcium, fiber, potassium, Vitamin D and anti-oxidants.

I received one each of the Chocolate and Chocolate Mint. They don't have to be refrigerated, but I don't like anything warm so in mine went. The regular is smooth and chocolaty while the mint was pleasant without being over powering. Since I'm not normally a milk drinker, I like the thought of getting extra vitamins while enjoying chocolate!
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BH Cosmetics- Water Proof Lip Liner- Review & Giveaway

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If you have read my blog for any length of time, then you already know that I am a make up junkie. I love make up of all sorts and probably have way too much---wait, I'm pretty sure it isn't possible to have too much make up. Anyways, I was very excited to get 4 BH Cosmetics water proof lip liners to review.
Lips have never looked so sweet! Enjoy the flirty, yummy, light pinks of cotton candy and bubble gum -- all spun together in one fantastically fun lip crayon.
I received one each of the lip liners in Blossom, Earth, Rouge & Retro to try out and I love the variety because I change my make up colors with my mood & clothing choices!

While I am a makeup fanatic and will not leave the house without my face on, I am in no way, shape or form that woman you see powdering her nose and applying lipstick at every stop light. When I put my make up on, I expect it to stay on-- I work long hours and have no patience or inclination to check myself in a mirror every 20 minutes. If you want to learn how to make your hair and makeup last all day, check out online schooling to find cosmetology classes that can teach you how to keep your makeup in place using translucent powder and other oil-free make up products.

 The BH Cosmetics Lip liner really helps me achieve that goal. Lip liner not only gives your lips shape & definition (hey, we can't all be Angelina) it also helps keep your lipstick from bleeding into the skin around your lips and stay on longer. I found that these lip liners glide on very easily and don't tug or pull at the lips. Sometimes I outline my lips and sometimes I outline and then color in and apply lipstick over it. I love doing this because even after my lipstick wears off, I still have color from the lip liner! The waterproof part is definitely a plus for your lips, since it doesn't wash off with every drink you take.

Check out this video for how to create a classic red lip (great for holiday parties)

BUY IT:  You can purchase these waterproof lip liners HERE for $2.95 $2.39--that's an amazing deal!

WIN IT: BH Cosmetics is going to give one of my readers the same lip liners I received. Use the Rafflecopter for below to enter.

Monday, November 14, 2011

UGLee Pen Review & Giveaway

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As a "secretary" I use alot of pens and I am extremely fussy about them. If the ink isn't all smooth and flowy, I don't care how good it feels, I will toss it and vice verse. I'm pretty sure I have found my holy grail of pens with the UGLee pen. It writes smooth and the ergonomic grip is just what my hands have been begging me for.

It is a revolutionary pen that was designed, created and even used by a real Doctor. The UGLee  (UG for Ultimate Grip and LEE for Dr. Lee the creator) is good for anyone and everyone but especially helpful for those who have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or just experience pain in general when writing. It's also the best writing utensil for children just learning to write or those special needs children and adults that find holding and gripping a pen difficult.

As I said above, I love mine and use it all day at work. I feel alot less tension in my hand and don't grip it as hard because of the grip makes it rest easily instead of sliding. I also gave one to my mother to try. She has rheumatoid arthritis and some loss of mobility from a previous stroke. The UGLee pen has become her favorite pen, especially since the cold weather makes her joints swell and ache which in turn makes gripping a pen very hard for her. She says that the UGLee pen makes it so much less painful for her to write and asked if perhaps I'd like to give mine up.