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Fullfill your Fantasy with Eden Fantasys

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

***Whoop, Whoop, ALERT! This is one of those 'grown up' posts that features mild adult content. So if you are easily offend or under the age of 18, just click the little red X in the top right corner***

It's really no secret that I adore Eden Fantasys. This really isn't the first time I have mentioned them, and I am really hoping you have taken my previous advice and checked them out! They are a great place to find all you need to make you and your significant others wildest fantasys come true! A secure and taste full adult shop website with such a huge selection you won't know where to begin. Have I mentioned the uber discreet shipping and billing? Or the speed of the shipping? Seriously, it's just short of miraculous.

Young or mature, novice or pro, Eden Fantasys caters to them all. You purchase anything from Sexy Lingerie, condoms, erotic books, dvds, sex toys for men or women, vibrators, dildos and even games! Currently I have my eye on the Liberators, but I just can't decide which one to get!

I bet you didn't know that Eden also offers a Free Gift with ANY purchase and free shipping on orders more than $59. Free Gift? on ANY order? Who does that? Even more amazing, right now Eden is offer a Free Bullet, just for signing up for their newsletter! Make sure you also Like them on Facebook to be part of the "Friends with benefits" which basically means you are first to know about all the killer deals they offer.

I've reviewed for Eden but I am also a paying customer, so you know I mean it when I say you totally should check them out (you should have checked them out 2 paragraphs ago, why are you still reading?)


Vedette Shapewear Review & GIveaway

Let's face it ladies, no matter how good a person looks to others, inside we always are thinking that we could look better. Some of use want our tummies to lay flatter, butts to be shapelier or boobs to be perkier! Since the average Jane can't afford to visit a Hollywood plastic surgeon on a regular basis we tend to turn to lest costly methods of making ourselves look and feel better. Shapewear is one of those methods.

Quality shapewear can change the way you look and feel about yourself, giving you an air of confidence. Plus, honestly, some shapewear is just pure sexy and it doesn't hurt your attitude to know that you have it on under your clothing!

Vedette Shapewear is pure genius! Click on the picture below to read how it shapes your body.
 I received some items from Vedette to review for you and let me tell you, I am in love with the first item which is the Juliane, which is an under bust corset with waist cincher that offers dual control.
The first reason I love this baby is that it is an underbust. Since I am a wee bit ummm top heavy, those normal body suit items normally do NOT fit the girls. Sure, they suck my waist in and make me nice and smooth but I end up with four boobs because of the over flow. The Juliane allows me to wear my own bra, this way I have a flattering waist and only two boobs!
The second reason I love the Juliane is that she is one tough cookie but still comfortable and flattering. The double hook and eye closure make me feel secure that I won't be busting open half way through the evening. Plus this lovely lady shaved a good two inches off my waist line!

I also received the Gaelle, which is a medium control, mid thigh with hook and eye closures plus a zipper. To be honest, I need to loose just a couple more pounds to fit into this without help from the jaws of life. That's fine with me, because 1) I am working towards that goal and 2) it's too darn hot right now for me to even consider adding a layer that covers me from underbust to mid thigh. Hopefully by winter it will fit just right. What I can tell you is that it is superbly made with thick, high quality materials that will not stretch and become bent out of shape and the front zipper is extremely sturdy.

Vedette has numerous options and styles to choose from:

I personally adore Vedette and will be using them for all of my shapewear needs in the future. To further prove how fabulous they are they have given me the green light to offer you a coupon code PLUS a giveaway that will have 3 of my readers winning an item from Vedette!

All of my readers can benefit from the coupon code. If you simply can't wait because you have a wedding, party or what not right around the corner, then send and email right now to: and tell them Carries Rambles sent you. They in turn will hook you up with $5 off your order. This is only valid until 8/15/11

Now the giveaway: 3 lucky ladies will be receiving some Vedette shapewear of their own. You will be able to choose one of the following items. (if for some reason your size is not available then Vedette reserves the right to substitute an item) Please use the Rafflecopter form below, open to US only!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buzz Guard by Earth Heart Review & Giveaway

By now you are probably aware of the fact that I love Earth Heart products for my dogs. After all what's not to love about them? They are high quality products made from pure essential oils and other plant based ingredients that help out our canine friends. I have previously reviewed the Canine Calm and the Travel Calm products with wonderful results and this month I was lucky to try out the Buzz Guard.

About Buzz Guard:
Applications: Favorably field-tested by a variety of dog lovers and professionals to help improve your dog's outdoor comfort when insect pests such as mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks and no-see-ums are present.
Directions: Spray onto your hands and massage the dog’s outer ears, back of head, abdomen and legs; or spray on a bandana placed around the dog’s neck.
Ingredients: Water, polysorbate 20; neem seed oil; pure essential oils of citronella, fir, geranium; rosewood, basil, myrrh; potassium sorbate.
Buzz Guard was nominated by Pet Product news as 2011 Retailers Top Pick.  Taken from website
I have been using Buzz Guard  on my four guys (and girl) for about a month now and love it. It mists on nicely and doesn't leave a greasy feel to their coats. It has a light citronella scent that is very enjoyable and not at all overwhelming. Heck, I have even sprayed it on my clothing! I really like that I am providing them protection from creapy crawlies without exposing them to to harsh chemicals.This is definietly a keeper!

You can purchase Buzz Guard for you pooches online at A 2oz bottle will run you $11.98. Since the lovely people at Earth Heart are so wonderful, they are offering one of my readers a bottle of Buzz Guard to try for themselves.

Ranting about work & work ethics

I know I have posted things before about my "assistant", things that make fun of her or show her in a disparaging light. I'm sure I will pay for that roasting over the flames. Of course that's doesn't stop me, because really, my other choice would be to choke her until she turns blue.
My assistant--here on out to be referred to as Barbie--- just turned 21. She drags into work every morning in ill fitting clothing and flip flops. 

We are not a dress up kind of joint---as a matter of fact nobody says a thing to her about her outfits. I myself show up in jeans, T-shirts and sometimes sandals. What drives me nuts is the ill fittingness (?) of her clothing. Why do so many "fat" girls wear skin tight clothing and think they look good? (and before you get all offended I DO shop in the PLUS sizes myself) She is all of 5'2"  & 189 pounds (she has told me) and wears things like spaghetti strap tanks that are skin tight. Actually, everything she wears is skin tight, the one time I DID think she looked good I mentioned it and she told me it was her mothers shirt.
Why do people do this? Can they really think it's attractive? I personally buy clothing in my size and for MY body type. I might not LIKE buying a bigger size, but I look better than squeezing into a smaller size.

Attitude. Actually, apathetic, shitty attitude is what I also have noticed quite a bit.
Everything is about her, she has no respect for others or boundaries. Stuff like respecting the fact that 6 people are sharing one fridge, don't fill it up with your crap and get pissy when we tell you to clean it up and make room.
Don't ask someone why they would drive such a "stupid, ugly, crappy car".
Don't sit slumped over so far in your chair I can't even see your head.
Don't ask to leave early 3 days out of five (she only works 8-3!).
Don't whine about what you are asked to do. We pay her a little above minimum wage to answer the phone and file so that I have time to get all the bills, invoicing and ordering done.....yet she complains when the phone rings.
Don't ask me to help you do the job I just gave you to do. I sent her to pack up, label and store a months worth of invoices. After she got them in the folders and labeled she said "are going to help me put these away" Um, NO---you have nothing else to do but go back to facebook, I have a desk load of stuff to do.

Truly, it isn't just her. I've noticed many people her age just don't give a shit about anything. She is friends with my step daughter and as I listen to the way they talk or read their Facebook posts I think they sound and act more like 15 yr old kids that grown 21 year old adults. If you are 21, not going to school, not raising a child while your partner works and you don't want to work or even put effort into work, especially when so many people do want and need a job desperately, there is something wrong.

I have worked hard my whole life. I started at 16 and was getting crazy overtime all summer long, because I wanted to earn my own money. When I graduated and went to college, I still worked full time while I was in school. If I wanted to go somewhere I requested it a day off and did it them, if I didn't get the day off then I missed out.

I just don't get it.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Mistura 6-in-1 Beauty Solution, Review & Giveaway

Sponsored by

About Mistura:
Our 6-in-1 Beauty Solution™ has changed the lives of thousands of women around the world. Created and perfected with our “Beauty Simplified™” motto in mind, our easy-to-use formula offers a flawless airbrushed finish in under one minute. It works on ALL skin tones making shade selection a thing of the past. Customers have reported instant compliments, an end to skin irritations and problems and amazing, natural looking results. It’s easy to use, easy to sell and easy to fall in love with. One product, one shade, one fabulous result™……taken from website
I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I am a make up girl! I do not leave the house without "putting my face on" and I've even been known to at least throw on some eyeliner even if I am just driving to my parents to swim. I can't help it, it's how I tick! The other thing about me is that I despise mornings and have a tendency to smack the snooze button one time to many, leaving me to rush rush rush to my crack of dawn job.(Seriously, I've left the house and forgotten I had on slippers--but still had my make up done) So when I got the chance to try out Mistura 6-in-1 Beauty Solution you can bet I was all "Oooh, ME! Pick ME!"

I received an Essential kit consisting of an 1/8th ounce jar of  Luminda Moisturizer, a mini clamshell of the 6-in-1 beauty solution, a baby Kabuki Brush and a Vitamin E Lip Balm. All packaged in a handy little travel bag.

I was originally hesitant to use the 6-in-1 since it appears to be quite dark, and even with a tan my face is pretty fair. Since I had a wee bit too much sun yesterday I thought this morning was the perfect time to try it out. The cream goes on very smoothly and seems to just soak right into your face, without leaving a greasy residue. Then you simply take the baby Kabuki brush--which I adore! it is so soft--and apply the 6-in-1 to your face. Starting with my cheeks, I swiped some on like blusher, then proceeded to blend into the rest of my face. I can honestly say that I was stunned with how well it looked. Since I was using the Kabuki brush I could apply as little or as much as each area of my face seemed to need. I had a healthy, sun kissed glow that looked very natural. You can even use the 6-in-1 on your lips by applying the vitamin E or your own lip base first.

I work with all men--and not very observant ones at that--and I received numerous compliments today! One asked me why I was all fancy and did I have a date or something and another said "wow you look pretty today" and at the end of the day (after 9 hours) a roofer that does business with us stopped, stared and said "whoa, what's different about you?" So either I really look like crap when I go to work or this stuff is just that amazing!

Mistura has been gracious enough to offer all my readers a 25% off code, simply visit and enter the LHJ25 during checkout. As if a 25% discount wasn't enough, they are also going to give one of my readers the exact same kit that I received.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

HairMax Product Set Giveaway

The developers of HairMax at home hair care product line know a thing or two about providing hair with more luster, shine and manageability than many of the products available on the market.  The sulfate free hair care products gently cleanse and condition the hair without stripping essential oils. Natural botanicals add shine and manageability to make your hair look fuller, thicker and healthier. HairMax utilizes phytic acid, a natural anti-oxidant to lower the pH and dissolve the build-up of oxidative stress layers on the scalp.

Using their vast experience of over 20 years of research and clinical investigation, HairMax has developed a new approach to hair care. The process starts with a sulfate free base to gently cleanse the hair without stripping essential oils. Other shampoos contain sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), a harsh detergent that strips the natural oils from the hair follicle.  SLS causes the oil glands to over-react creating too much oil. This excess oil converts to a waxy substance that builds up on the hair shaft and may restrict proper hair growth. HairMax Enhancing Shampoo is sulfate free and does not contain harsh chemicals like SLS. It gently cleanses the hair while combining with the hair’s own natural oils to lubricate and moisturize the hair shaft.

HairMax uses phytic acid in its shampoo system to lower the pH and promote a regenerative action on the base of the scalp, reducing oxidative stress layers. The shampoo system can be used by itself or in conjunction with the HairMax LaserComb. The HairMax shampoo system has a lower pH than most shampoo systems on the market. The company’s research indicates that the oils (sebum) produced in the hair follicle can turn into a waxy substance in higher alkaline environments. This lower pH, phytic acid based shampoo system helps to prevent the sebum build up and promotes the lubrication of the hair follicle to encourage healthier looking hair.

Most conditioners are thick and heavy, weighing down the hair making it look flat and difficult to style. HairMax Revitalizing Conditioner utilizes innovative botanicals that deeply moisturize the hair shaft then rinse free, leaving the hair soft and manageable without heavy build up. The HairMax Conditioner restores and protects the hair shaft while a combination of botanicals and vitamins rejuvenate your hair's look and feel, leaving your hair smooth and shiny.

Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp. Perspiration, oils, environmental pollution and styling products can build up on the scalp clogging the hair follicle, leaving particle deposits that can clog hair follicles and leave hair looking flat and greasy. Invigorating Scalp Treatment is designed to dissolve these particles, washing them away, making your hair look healthy, clean and full of body. The Invigorating Scalp Treatment contains phytic acid to help reduce the pH of the scalp. When used in conjunction with the Hairmax LaserComb, this facilitates laser absorption from the HairMax into the scalp.

HAIR FORTIFIER - Retail Price: $7.50
Many of us take vitamins to maintain the health of our body. Well our scalp isn’t any different. HairMax Hair and Scalp Fortifier are vitamins for your hair. This product is infused with a special combination of botanical nutrients, DHT blockers and innovative ingredients, like caffeine, oleanolic acid and biotinoyl tripeptide, that are believed to have positive results for healthier looking hair. HairMax Hair and Scalp Fortifying mist is delivered directly to the root of the hair, maximizing the benefits these innovative ingredients may provide.

About Lexington International, LLC
Based in Boca Raton, Lexington is a manufacturer and developer of advanced phototherapy devices for home use.  Lexington International markets the only laser device that has published the results of the efficacy of the device in a peer review journal.  The HairMax is also the first and only device of its kind with FDA Clearance for marketing.  Over the past 10 years and in over 155 countries worldwide, Lexington Int., LLC has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals to treat their hair condition. For more information, please visit:

One of my readers will win a Hairmax Product Line Select Set worth $39.

I've been a bad, bad blogger

Hey Ya'll!

I have been a bad, bad blogger. I haven't posted in a month. Just when google finally decided to rank my page--and judging the number of spam comments I get now, that may not be working in my favor--I got burnt out.

The time came to renew my domain and for a second I thought about letting it go, but went ahead and paid anyways.

I felt like I was spending more time behind the computer screen that I was actually living my life. Summer is a crazy busy time for me. I work Mon- Fri 7-5 and Sat 7-12.  I also spend alot of time taking my mother places since we don't allow her to drive due to her health problems.

By the time I get home it's 5:30 (IF I don't need to stop somewhere after work) then I can either plop down for a couple more hours on the computer OR I can spend a little time working out, fix a healthy (ish) dinner, maybe read a book, water the flowers or get a project around the house done, before I need to shower and go to bed for another round the next day.

Since my body fat seems to be growing proportionately to the time I spend on the computer I told myself to get off of it and DO something.  So that's what I've been doing. I work out, I've lost 12 pounds, I have actual flowers growing along side the weeds along with a couple pepper plants. I also managed to clear a bunch of useless crap out of the bedroom and plan on working on the computer room next. Then on weekends I've been hitting the parents pool--I agreed to help take care of it if they agreed to open for the first time in a couple years. So amazingly I have a freakin tan!!! (actually I convinced myself that there were lots of clouds today so I wasn't getting any sun----now my forehead is glowing like a stop sign)

I'm happy that I am out doing things instead of just being at the computer all the time. Nobody lives forever and I don't want to regret more than I already do.

On the other hand, I did make commitments to companies and need to honor those commitments, so I will be setting aside some time get those reviews and/or giveaways posted. Plus, I know that I don't want to stay away from blogging forever----I live in Northern Ohio for Pete's sake, winter is long and cold and my husband and I will kill each other if I don't hide on the computer for a little bit!