Monday, December 5, 2011

Fembody Appetite Control, Review & Giveaway

The older I get (and really, since when is 35 old?) the harder it is for me to control my weight. Boy do I miss the days when I could eat anything, feel an urge to snack and be able to indulge it without worrying about my thighs growing before my eyes. These days I worry about every calorie that passes my lips, yet I still have the urge to snack. Not a good combo, right?
I recently lost over 25 pounds and need to loose some more but the this is the rough stretch. I'm tired of dieting AND it is the holiday season. Cookies, cakes, snacks and delicious holiday food are all so tempting and the midday grumbles make it hard to resist.

I recently got to try the Fembody Nutrition Appetite Control 100, a break through Satiereal Saffron extract which has been demonstrated to reduce a desire to snack in 100% of study participants. Satiereal is an extract of Saffron which helps reduce the desire to snack, reducing weight and inches.

Clinically Supported- Satiereal Participants experienced:
--100% reduced desire to snack
--50% fewer instances of snacking  between meals
-- Reduction in weight and inches
-- Improved mood and energy
One of the main ingredients is Oat Bran, which is one of natures best sources of fiber and can help increase feelings of fullness.

I have been using this product for several weeks and am quite impressed with it. I have personally tried many products over the years an one of the things that always hits me first is the racing heartbeat and racing pulse, neither of which I experienced with this product. After taking it in the mornings, I experienced no  shakiness, racing pulse or any other side effect. I also noticed during the afternoons I felt a much reduced urge to snack. Normally around 2 or 3 in the afternoon I am feeling ravenous and lately I am not searching co-workers desk for any snack available! I haven't been taking it long enough to notice a weight loss, but I do expect that it should be a decent one due to my reduced hunger.

BUY IT: Sold exclusively at GNC stores for $39.99 (gold card purchase $31.99).Be sure to check out these other Fembody products while you are there: Fembody Nutrition Slim, Fembody Nutrition Hair, Nails & Skin, Fembody Nutrition Advanced Bone Activator.

WIN IT: Two of my readers are going to win a full size bottle of the FEMBODY Nutrition Appetite Control 100 (a $39.99 value). Fill out the easy entry Rafflecopter form below to enter.


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