How Do E-Cigs Work and Other Burning Questions!

I recently decided to try these little things that everyone seems to be talking about at the moment, electronic cigarettes, in an effort to quit smoking.

Not only are E-cigs a viable option to quit smoking but also studies (see e cig click e cigarette reviews UK) have shown that these nicotine only products are safer than regular cigarettes, which have tar and 1400 chemicals including 40 known carcinogens. This bit of information is alone enough to justify the attention that electronic cigarettes have garnered.

The very first question that people have about these devices is how do e-cigs work? So, here is the background information on these products that will help you to make an informed purchasing decision.

How do e-cigs work?

These are electronic devices that are powered by a small rechargeable battery. They contain a heating element, an absorbent wick that is dipped inside a cartridge which contains a fluid. The liquid is carried to the heating element which turns it into vapor. The user inhales the vapor, so you essentially mimic the actual act of smoking.

However, the difference here is that you are not taking in the smoke from burnt plant matter, which can literally poison your lungs. What you are essentially breathing in is water vapor with or without nicotine. This means that electronic cigarettes have none of the drawbacks of traditional smokes.

How do e-cigs work: The components of the device!

The mechanical part of an electronic cigarette comprises of 4 parts:

• The atomizer, which works as a tiny fog machine
• The battery which is connected to the atomizer
• The tank or cartridge that holds what is popularly known as e-juice
• The mouth piece from where the vapor is inhaled

How e cigs work

These components are assembled together to create one unit. The cartridges can be disposable or refillable. In case of the former, when you run out of the liquid, you simply have to take out the spent cartridge and insert a new one in its place.

With refillable tanks, you can fill the cartridges on your own. There are two advantages to this approach. It is more cost effective as you can buy the e-juice in bulk and there are lots of exciting new e-juice flavors to try.

The battery provided with the unit is rechargeable and most reputed manufacturers will offer a USB as well as a wall charger. So, you will never really run out of power.

The advantages of electronic cigarettes!

If you are trying to find the answer to your question how do e-cigs work, you must also be curious about the purported benefits of the product. So, here is a look at just how safe these devices are and if they are truly better than regular, tobacco cigarettes.

The dangerous health concerns that are usually attributed to smoking have nothing to do with the nicotine in regular cigarettes. It is the tar and other chemicals that are released in the form of smoke which pose the hazard. With electronic cigarettes, although you will get the same feel that you do when puffing on a regular cigarette, you are getting nicotine in its pure form without the chemicals.

Also, because nothing is being burnt, there is no objectionable smell to deal with or the dangers of exposure to secondary smoke. In fact, users get to control the amount of nicotine in the product. So, it is possible to gradually taper the usage and even quit entirely. Is it any wonder then that over 30% of smokers who shifted to e-cig managed to quit smoking entirely?

Among the other benefits of e-cigs are:

• No social stigma attached to their use. So, you can actually use them in public places as well
• Non of the carcinogens that tobacco products contain
• Easily available
• Simple to use
• Cost effective; it is possible to save $1000 to $2000 every year on smokes
• Lots of choices in terms of flavors
• Nicotine free options are also available
• Offer a greater nicotine hit than traditional cigarettes
• You have complete control on the nicotine inhaled
• Non flammable devices, so you won’t have to worry about burns on clothes and upholstery
• No more yellow stained teeth

The best companies to buy your e-cigarettes from!

While we are on the topic of how do e-cigs work, let us also discuss the best places to make your purchase.

Green Smoke: A leading sellers of electronic cigarettes, their products can be bought the world over. They offer a range of e-cigarette kits including the pro and express packages, which are perfect for those who want a reliable vaping experience and the Ultimate Kit designed for the serious smoker. They also sell e-juices in many exciting flavors.

V2 Cigs: This manufacturer offers an astounding array of products that would be right for a user of any level. Their affordable kits are primarily meant for new users. They also have traveler and couples kit an essential range, which is for the ardent smoker. V2 Cigs also sells disposable and refillable cartridges, e-juices, batteries and accessories. In other words, this is a one stop shop for all your vaping needs. Full V2 Cigs review can be found here.

V2 Cigs Electronic Cig Size Compared to Cigarette
Eversmoke: Another popular brand that offers a lifetime warranty on its products, Eversmoke sells disposable and reusable e-cigs, accessories and e-juices. The best part is that currently they are offering a 25% discount on their starter products.

South Beach Smoke: Like the other manufacturers in this list, South Beach also backs its products with a lifetime warranty. You will get just about everything that you need to have that perfect vaping experience from their website; plus, they offer 20% discount on purchases and free shipping if you buy products worth $100 or more.

South Beach Smoke E Cigs
Volcano: If you are not too keen on buying e-cigs online, Volcano has tie ups with several retailers all over the US. So, you can check out the product before buying it. Makers of high end e-cigarettes, you can get disposable as well reusable devices from this company along with the usual accessories and of course e-juices.

Although like with all other things that call for a change, you will have a slight learning curve with e-cigs as well, you will be happy with the transformation like most other users. The best part is that you will no longer be a slave to your habit rather you will be in control of your indulgences 100%. So, why wait? Now, that you know how do e-cigs work, get your starter kit today or start your vaping experience with a disposable e-cigarette.

For those looking for the latest studies take a look at the e cigarette research website by Dr Farsalinos.